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group link: http://www.polyvore.com/battle_hogwarts_hotties/group.show?id=135344
fill out this templɑte with the following informɑtion below & pleɑse tag me. 

name:: Hailey Notgivingalastname
link to your best set::http://www.polyvore.com/in_your_head/set?id=34785707
how often do you get on ::I go on multiple times a day and like stuff/comment but I only make a set about once a week if i'm not busy.
describe yourself :: I'm mature yet hyper, I obsess over things for about a week then i move on, I don't really like anyone in my class (or my school) but that's because no one likes harry potter which makes me depressed sometimes.....
desired character:Severus Snape
which side:: good or evil? :: Good
could you stay commited ɑnd enter every contest? :: I would hope that i'm not away so i can enter every contest, but yes I would try my absolute hardest to enter every contest.
 so uhhh yeah @gredandforge :)

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