name: michael bray
age: 18
bio: The new guy in town. He just moved from a couple towns over and took a job as a lifeguard on the beach. He lives in a big house with his parents,sister and very large dog. He was an honor student at his old school, had lots of friends. But they moved because Michael got out of a bad, unhealthy relationship. And the relationship ended up getting him into a bad car crash, he got it really bad. He was in the hospital for weeks. His girlfriend at the moment, walked off without a scratch. She hasn't checked on him since. After his injuries got better, they moved. It was tough to see anyone, he didn't want them to feel bad for him. He loves the beach, he is a little bit reluctant to be in a relationship, but he'll try to keep an open mind. He knows about mermaids, his sister was one when she was in high school, but somehow just stopped being affected by water.
what do you think of the girls? He's seen them around, they seem nice.

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