Name: Jasmine Maria Arabiana
Nickname or Preferred Name: (if any) Jazzy
Style: Modern Arabian/ Aqua blue and Gold
Likes: Animals, freedom, falling inlove, brushing her hair, flowers, fireworks
Dislikes: being told what to do and who to be with, evil people.
Bio: Jazzy lived with her father, Sultan, She loved her father dearly and respected him greatly, but when he talked of marriage she didn't want to be told about how 'this man was good, this man was bad' and so on, so she moved to New York to pursue her dreams as a fashion designer. Her most prized pessession is a stuffed tiger she named Rajah. She's very sweet and innocent and hopes to find freedom and love in the big apple, she adores visiting zoo's. If her fashion career doesn't work out she wants to work in the zoo's in the Tiger or Monkey sections because they are her favourite animals.
Model: Jasmine V
Collection: posting soon (:
Second Choice Princess: Mulan
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