→ full name | selena marie gomez.

→ age | eighteen years young. 

→ birthday | april twenty - first.

→ status | single.

→ nicknames | selly - belly, sel, selenur.

→ likes |
» long bubble baths : ever since she had her first break up, this has been her strategy to making herself feel better. soaking in a hot bubble bath with bubbles over flowing the tub and candles glittering around the room. maybe some soft music and a cup of ice cream. by the time that she's all wrinkled by an old lady, she's feeling ten times better then she ever had before.
» ice - cream : lets face it, just about every girl on this planet can not live without a tub of chocolate ice cream to make their day better and selena definitely isn't an exception to that rule. she is always shoveling ice cream into her mouth and enjoying the flavor that dances across her tongue.
» styling people's hair : although she doesn't tell people this very often, she has always wanted to be a designer of some sort. she wants to be able to work on people's hair and maybe design clothing as well, but her parents have always brought her down by telling her that it wasn't practical since they wanted nothing but more out of her.

→ dislikes |
» any type of sport : if it isn't obvious already, selena is more of the girly type of girl who would rather kick back and paint her nails. sports have always been pointless to her and she doesn't see the point in them. she especially hates the game of football, being that her family always has huge parties whenever a single game is being played.
» any sort of math : it's not like selena is bad at school, actually, she has fairly good grades in it but what she could never do is understand the concept of math. she certainly tries, but nothing clicks in her head. she's had tutor's, extra credit, but she can still not get past what the point of the class is in the first place.
» being told no : although selena has a naturally bubbly attitude, she is also really stubborn and often times gets upset when people tell her no when it comes to something important to her, especially how her parents don't think her future career is a good idea.

→ job | she's currently working down at the diner for some extra money, but has been chatting with a few colleges who like her work and is hoping to move away rather soon.

→ bio | selena had always been daddy's little girl. if she wanted a new pair of shoes? she got eight of them. if she wanted a ride to the dance, she got a carriage to escort her there. if she wanted the designer purse that was just out of reach, she somehow woke up with it beside her the next day. her life was easy, being filthy rich and getting anything that she had ever dreamed of. every morning she woke up in silk sheets that hugged her frame as well as the best pillows that money could buy. but one thing she never had was her parents love and that was probably the toughest thing to get past. her father was a business man while her mother stayed at home and took care of the house. they payed attention to her, sure, but one thing they never gave was approval. they always wanted more and more things that she couldn't reach. if she didn't do well on a math quiz? she got the whole 'disappointment' speech. they hardly paid attention to what she wanted, but what they wanted for her. that's the downside of coming from a rich family especially once she caught her father cheating on her mother. she promised not to tell, but ever since the guilt had been eating her away. fights are becoming more frequent in their family and she fears that her family wont be a whole soon. this effects her every - day smile that warms just about anyone's heart who passes. living as a rich kid is rough, and she's just experienced the brief bit of it.

[ the biography sucked, please don't hate me. xx. }
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