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( Okay, so for the biography, I'm sort of writing it from Ianto Jones's perspective, to make things a little more interesting, too see how other people see him. I picked Ianto because he has the closest relationship with Jack, and has researched about him the most. I hope this is okay. ]

Name ~ Captain Jack Harkness 

Biography ~ [written by Ianto Jones, assistant of Torchwood] 

Captain Jack Harkness, no one really knows who this strange, but attractive man is. It seem as if he has been alive for hundreds of years, as he appears in old photographs the look and were captured years and years ago. Al though he still looks like a 30 year-old man, no one will even know old he really is. Maybe him himself doesn't know...It's all just a mystery. 
 Captain Jack has been in charge of Torchwood Four since the beginning. Jack set the place up, he found the guys that work there, and he pretty much runs the whole thing. His job is to make sure that anything that comes through the rift is dealt with, efficiently, quietly, and successfully. Similarly, anything he believes to be outside the jurisdiction of the police or Government, falls, therefore, under his jurisdiction, whether they like it or not, they've learned not to argue. He claims that he lives at Torchwood, although he is never caught sleeping there at night. There's always lights on, but it's probably just another one of Jacks' tricks. He's always pulling some kind of 'Fast One' or joking around. Even when things are as serious as possible, Jack still has to be the jokester that he always has been. 
 Biographies have never been Jacks' kind of thing. No one knows that much about his life, and it will never be revealed. I know it won't ever be.

Story; [I'm not sure exactly how to do this!] 

Captain had been sitting at his desk all night and days for a couple weeks now. He'd gone all of this time thinking without sleeping, but with the help of Ianto's special coffee, he has been staying awake without struggle. Jack's head was clouded up with thoughts about the Doctor. Jack wondered about him every day, he wanted to know where he was, and he wanted to see him now. Jack needed the Doctor for so many things, and he knew that the Doctor will never stay. If he could do it, he would be the Doctors' companion, and wouldn't listen to a word he said with the Doctor told him that it was time to leave, just for 'His own safety'. Jack imagined it this way: 

The Doctor: "It's time for you to go...I don't want you to get hurt, or get stuck some place in the rift." 

--Jack realizes that the Doctor doesn't give a crap about him, and stands up for himself, because he won't leave, and still have this weird obsession or attractiveness for the Doctor--. 

Jack: "No, I can't leave. And you don't care about me." 

Then Jack wants to believe that him and the Doctor can go on adventures for the rest of their life, which, in their cases, would never end. Sadly, he knows this won't happen, he knows good and well that the Doctor doesn't keep his companions for long. This bothers him much. 
 Even if he won't stay, he just wants it once. He wants to adventure, and travel around the world! It saddens him to know It'll never happen.....
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