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♣ Bethany 'Beth' Donald
- Bethany is the perfect barbie. She strives for perfection and nothing less, she hates to lose and loves a great challenge. Blonde and ambitious she has the affection every guy at Duchesne and her parents. But being popular and being chased after isn't what Beth wants. Secretly she wishes for her sister's life. A life of peace and misery. Bethany misses the days when her and her sister were so close, and desperately wishes for them to be closer again. What Beth doesn't know is why Berkley is the way she is; Like what their father did to her or where she went when she ran away. All these secrets are gnawing at Beth and she'd stop at nothing to find out. But what if Beth did something drastic? Would her parents be proud then.
- Model; Doutzen Kroes
- OPEN; (hopefully taken by jemappelle Lilia) 

1. Bethany 
2.♣ Berkley Donald 
- Berkley the total opposite of her sister is moody, and controlling. It has been rumored that she was abused by her father and neglected by her mother. Being the unwanted sibling started to get to Berkley which made her push herself harder to become the daughter her parents wanted. After only being able to take so much, Berkley quit. She dropped out of school, packed her things and left. It was months until they finally saw their daughter. It wasn't mentioned where Berkley went but it changed her. And not in a good way. Its weird though, Berkley and her twin sister used to be so close you may even say they shared twin telepathy at one point but when is became apparent that Beth was being favored and Berkley ran away they grew apart. Will the (futernal) twins ever come together again, maybe a little family tragedy is a good push. 
- Model; Karlie Kloss 
3.♣ Mallory Reynolds 
- You know how your parents say they've all spoiled you? And they ask where they went wrong in raising you? Well Mallory's parents went VERY wrong. Spoiled rotten this princess thinks the world belongs to her. Spending her families money like it grows on trees, she's got an addiction. More than twice, Mallory has been sent all over the world to cure her shopaholic ways but every time she gets close to not spending she goes and drops a few hundies on that new Prada bag that she's just gotta have. Aleksandra only really keep's her around because Mallory is easy to manipulate and their parents are old friends. But Mallory is looking for a change in her life, and wants the bad girls help. Her parents hate her clothing addiction but would they like her drug addiction more?
- MODEL; Marloes Horst

Story : 

I answered my I phone 4 at the second ring. "What the hell Berkley" I screamed catching a few glares from the people at starbucks. "Beth just shut up and leave me alone." She said. I gasped "You called me you whore!" I took a deep breath and said "Sis, I've been so worried. We were so close and you just run, you gone." I heard the dial tone. She had hung up on me. I wiped a tear from my eye and went home to call my mom. "Mom, she called me. and hung up on me" I said gasping for air. " She called me to and hung up on me also." I groaned "I'm coming home" 

sorry the story kinda sucks I tired hard though hope you like it :))
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