Eura Leroux
- 17, 7th
[ Who is Eura? Nobody knows, not even herself. Eura came to the academy one day. When she was just starting to explain why she was there with no acceptance letter, she lost consciousness. When she woke up, she couldn’t remember where she was, why she was there, not even who she was. Luckily, she told her name to the headmaster before she forgot about everything, so it’s the only thing she has to hold on to. Sometimes she gets ‘visions’ as she calls them, or strange dreams. She thinks they might have something to do with her past, but she can’t figure them out on her own. ]
Model: Leighton Meester

Power:Eura can with one touch ,see the future or the past of a Person. Sometimes is her Pover still stronger, as that. By Person she know longer, she can go into thier dreams. 
The Problem is, that she lost herself, when she does that. She forget all things, she know about herself and her character changed a little bit in the character from the other person. Therefore she has always the fear, that the day comes, that she is not more Eura.

Personality:Euras Personality is very interesting. Sometimes it's like she have many diffrent Characters. That is not her fault, its all because of her gift. Normally, she is a very shy and friendly Girl, with a big heart. She likes everybody, at the School. They are like, a family for her. 
But when she was, last night in a dream, from a other Person, her oneself character changed. She is like the Person, by there she was in the dream . By People with a great Character its not so bad. 
However, what is when the Person is not so good. And Eura has there evil characteristics?
Fortunately it's not as yet happened. Anyway the danger is there, all the times.
Nonetheless Eura is a fighter and she will never gives up, before she find out who she is. Even, her only way, are her dreams, to find her real self. Maybe she will lost herself or she will find the truth about herself

Dislikes: The Night, Her Gift, The Darkness,

Likes, Books, History, Red Roses,Creative Writing, The School, Her freinds and so much more

Top three characters
1.Andrea Blackwood
2.Marceline Gaelic 
3.Zaria Pratt
4.Andromeda Baillie
5.Ellie Gibson

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