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Grace Velour: Grace is the sweetest, most romantic ever. She has more money than you will ever imagine, but she is uber modest about it, and she would never brag. True, she still loves to shop, and true, she still lives the life of a rich girl, but she's adorably modest about it.
Model: Leighton Meester
Designer: Vera Wang

I gasped for air as I woke up with a jerk.
I had had the same dream, so breath takingly beautiful, it was shocking. And he was in it, again. I smiled to myself, as i lingered on the memories, of me, in his arms, being everything he could ever want. 
Sigh. I was a hopeless romantic. Correction. I am a hopeless romantic. But in my dreams i was so much more, not just the pretty little rich girl. I was so desirable. and he was so perfect. 
He. Who was he, when would i meet him? Where? How? Would he be the one?
So many questions left unanswered.
i snapped back to reality.
"Omg! Grace you need help!", i said to myself as i buried my head in the pillow.
But i was still blushing...

1. Grace Velour
2. Alicia Simmons
3. Rebecca Ivy XI
4. Scarlett Williams
5. Elle snow
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