Keira Graham
age: 19
from: aberdeen, scotland
status: middle-class commoner
Quiet little Keira, probably one of the prettiest and brightest students at La Sarbonne; however her shy nature causes her to blend in to the backdrop. From a well-to-do Scottish family, Keira really is just an average girl who just happens to have a genius IQ. She has always focused more on her studies than on a social life, and never really had close friends or relationships. A good book is all the friendship Keira needs. However when she began tutoring Marie a few months ago, she ended up befriending the party princess of France completely by accident. Marie sees the beauty hidden in Keira and she is determined to bring it out, and what a more perfect place than the wedding court. Keira is a bit nervous, she has never experienced royalty beyond Marie and the other girl there she really knows is Astrid. Who knows though maybe this experience will be good for her, and loosen her up a bit. 
model: montana cox /or/ hedvig palm
owner: OPEN

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- Bansari Singh
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Five Facts about Keira:
 1. I love animals – sometimes more than human beings (but never more than books, haha). Never would I kill an animal or treat it badly. Therefore I am a vegetarian because I think it is wrong to kill an animal. There are so many eatable things (for example pastries or croissants…) and we kill animals which are like friends in a way. To me this does not make any sense.

2. To me it is a very nice thing having everything tidy and neat. I try to keep my rooms as tidy as possible. Sometimes you can find me walking around with a book while tidying anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.
(which brings us to the next point…)

3. I always want to make myself feel comfortable. So I only wear clothes that are pretty in my eyes, I only buy decoration things for my home that are fitting and beautiful, I only study in a room that is bright and tidy, I only eat tasty and delicious things and so on… In front of people I often do not feel comfortable which means I try to avoid being among them. 

4. It always seems like I am learning and learning and reading and reading and people probably think I never do anything else except sleeping and eating – however this is wrong! I also love drawing and being creative. Sometimes I even try to draw a picture of a scene or a character from a novel that fascinates me. And I also like playing the piano. It is so calming and relaxing to my brain and a sport for my fingers after holding a pen or a book – the perfect mix so to say. And I like baking and cooking and recipe-books…

5. I enjoy any kind of weather. I love bright sunshine because it makes me feel happy but I also like stormy and rainy days because it is wonderful and so cozy to read a book or study wrapped in a blanket. 

in character:

1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?
I am from Scotland. Before I came to La Sarbonne I used to live in Aberdeen but I was originally born in a small town in the highlands where I also spent my childhood. I lived with my family and my older sister in a very big and old house. Everything was so old-fashioned but yet so lovely and bright. Playing with my sister hide-and-seek and such whimsical things outside or going on horseback-trips was wonderful and made me love the Scottish nature. Then we moved to Aberdeen because my parents said it would be better to also experience the city.
The first few years I spent at a normal high school in Scotland until my tutor discovered my high IQ since I learned anything much quicker than anybody else and since I was able to speak Latin as a normal language. After some IQ tests my parents decided to send me to La Sarbonne where I am now. 

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?
I am tutoring Marie at La Sarbonne. I like her very much and I think we are friends. Never would I have imagined that I become a friend of a French princess – I mean I am nothing special, absolutely not!
Marie is a charming girl and for me it is fun helping her with her studies as she is so thankful and cheerful. 

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?
I can work very concentrated and I learn a lot in a very small amount of time. I believe I am as well good in explaining things. Also I have a high IQ – some people may think this is a strength but I just think this is a special gift. 
My biggest weakness is probably being shy and a grey mouse but that is simply me and I do not know how to change. And if I change I do not know I was myself anymore. Some say I am boring – maybe I am and maybe this is a weakness, too. And I have a weakness for books. I like them better than people – at least in most cases. 

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?
I am firstly very proud of being invited to such an event and to take part in court but at the same time I am very nervous. As I said before I would have never expected that when I moved to France barely able to speak the language. (My first two foreign languages were Latin and German which means I had to learn French quickly.) I am now looking forward talking to people whose language would interest me – at least I will try to pull myself together.

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
A high IQ does not mean I am a super hero in everything… 

(out of character)
1. Why did you choose this character?
I am myself not a partying girl and I also prefer reading books than going on parties for example. Also I love to learn just for the reason to get to know as many things as possible. I do not know if I have a high IQ (I do not think so actually) but I believe it would be a lot of fun to play a character that has for sure. :) And I also have a storyline in my head; I already planned a bit what will happen to dear Keira. 

2. Can you honestly be active?
I will try and give my best! 
3. Why should we choose you for this character?
Because I believe I fit Keira and I like her as I can see myself in Keira. Furthermore I love this whole idea of the roleplay and I looked forward to get a role that is best fitting. :) At first – before the character descriptions were up – I thought I would take an aristocratic girl for sure but then I saw Keira and had to change my decision immediately.. 

I want to apologize for any wrong expression and any mistakes I (will) make. As I am not a Native English speaker my English is anything but perfect. Please tell me and correct me if there is anything wrong. I would love to improve my writing skills.
Also I may change some things before the audition ends.

Finished! :) - @esprit-de-escalier & @the-clary-project
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