☼ Max Lucas ☼ 20
Model: Sui He
Likes: Tropical islands, designer clothes, daddy's amex, dresses, arts and literature
Dislikes: calories, fake jewelry, sunburns and horror movies
Bio: Ever since having set her perfectly manicured foot on this planet, Max has lived the golden life. Supported by her Dad and mostly his credit card, she's always been a carefree little princess. But not only that she's rich and beautiful, she's also gifted in painting. During school, the good grades simply came to her. Being from the pulsating metropolis of New York, she's a complete newbie. 
Sounds like a lovely person, doesn't she?
But there's a twist to it: Whenever Max doesn't get what she wants, she's having a nervous breakdown on the inside. Then the cute kitten becomes a dangerous cat ready to scratch everyone close to her. Max envies a lot of people though it obviously should be the other way round.
This girl is known for starting drama before there is even a cause. So get prepared for a tough time.

"Daddy, you know I don't want to be here! Why don't we go to St. Barth or wherever?"

"Max, you're 20 years old. You don't have to come with us, you could go get a job like all of the other girls." Dad grinned because he knew I would never do that. I rolled my eyes and typed a message to one of my best friends back home, checked my mails and downloaded some got songs. Simultaneously, I I put my hair into a high ponytail and twisted some strands around my fingers. I always did that when I was annoyed and this time I was seriously annoyed with practically anything and anyone. 

"Do you even know how humiliating this is? Moving to this... village or whatever", I sighed. I could see my Mum refreshing her lipstick in the her little mirror. She didn't seem to listen at all. Sometimes I thought she didn't see anything else beside herself. 

"Dear, wait until you see the house. It'll surprise you", Dad promised. I shrugged and didn't answer. It couldn't be as great as our apartment in New York. Just because my Dad got a job nearby Kitty Hawk I had been forced to leave my city, the place I loved most and the place where all of my friends, in other words my allegiance lived. I closed my eyes and let my head sink back. Maybe this was just a nightmare and I would wake up from it soon.

Suddenly, the car came to halt. I'd slept the last part of the way and now we'd reached our house. I had to admit that I was a bit excited to finally see it. I jumped out of the car before my Dad could even stop the engine properly. There it was. A huge, four stories high building painted white. A high black iron fence encircled the whole lot. There was even a turret attached to the rest of the house. The flowers were in full bloom and the soft breeze moved them a bit so their delicate smell drifted towards. I could hear the faint sound of waves crushing against sand. 

"See the turret, Max?" My Dad put his arm around my shoulder and pointed at the left corner of the house. "This will be your space plus the fourth floor. Especially for you and your paintings, princess." 

I couldn't help it. A huge smile spread on my face. Maybe my new domicile wouldn't be so bad. My smile grew even wider when I got aware of the boy in the garden of the house next door. He was watering some plants only dresses in jeans and tight white shirt. And what I could see from the shirt didn't come off even by New York standards. Yes, this city should get prepared for me. The potential was already there, but I would certainly add some glamour to this town. After all, I was Max Lucas.

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Max Lucas
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