Name: Naomi Henzler
Age: 18
Sign: Virgo
Symbol: Virgin
Element: Earth
Power: purification and enhanced regeneration
Personality traits: Efficient, practical, hard-working, diligent, focused, compassionate, health conscious, intelligent, thorough, shy.
Can also be: Hypercritical, demanding, nervous, fussy, hard to please, self-conscious, reclusive. 
In a partnership: Devoted, nurturing, loving, sacrificial, uninhibited, considerate, protective.
Likes: Routines, order, feeling needed, logic/common sense, feeling secure, loyalty, honesty.
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, disruptions, dishonesty, feeling unappreciated, crassness, tardiness, laziness.
Bio: Naomi is seen as mysterious to most simply because she’s shy. Once you get to know her though, she opens up. Naomi finds it hard to get along with a lot of people back home due to her morals and values. She’s seen as perfect, innocent, and pure. She never messes with alcohol, drugs, and is considered a dream child. Naomi doesn’t have a wild side. She’s afraid the second she steps out of her comfort zone, she’ll be so far pulled out that she won’t be able to come back. Naomi dreams of being more open and outgoing, but she can’t tarnish her image or let down her family. Going to Astral Academy may change that all with the type of classmates she’ll have. Naomi may no longer be little miss innocent by the end of the school year. 
Collection: (optional)
Model: Ginta Lapina

"Naomi darling, there's a letter for you!" My mother held a big, expensive looking envelope in her long fingers which were adornished with her wedding and engagement ring. 

"I'm not expecting any letters," I mumbled absentmindedly, my nose buried in the new book I'd bought a few days ago. Of course I didn't. It was my birthday and practically nobody would congratulate me since I didn't throw a party. As usual. 

"It seems really important" The urgency in my mother's voice made me look up. Her hands flattered nervously through the air. 

"Focus on me," I said calmly. My mother looked straight into my eyes and everything I saw were hers. "Breath." I could feel her relaxing. It was a strange gift which I'd discovered only few weeks ago. From one second to the other, I was able to relax myself and others. Sometimes, this was rather helpful, especially because my mother didn't have that strong nerves.

"Don't you want to water your plants?," I suggested. My mum nodded happily and went outside to take care of her deliciously smelling roses. 
Slowly, I opened the official letter. There was only my address printed on the outside, the rest of the envelope was blank except a strange, unknown symbol. The letter itself said:

Dear Miss Naomi Henzler,

We are honoured to welcome you at Astral Academy. On the 31st of January, you will become part of our school. Furthermore, you will represent your zodiac sign Virgo and you will be able to discover your powers, purification and enhanced regeneration.
On the last day of this year, you will receive further informations. We ask you to not talk about this letter since our school is not known among the normal folks. 
Delphine Astral, Headmistress 

This was by far the strangest letter I've ever received. Maybe it was just a joke? I didn't want to bother my mother with it, so I let it slip into my book and pretended to continue to read. 
But this purification thing didn't sound that bad. And maybe my ability to calm others was that purification? 
How about the other thing, enhanced regeneration? 

I stood up and joined my mother in the garden. She was till busy with her roses. Walking casually to one corner of the garden, I let my hand run through the bushes full of thick, red blossoms. Suddenly, I felt a strong ache running through my forefinger. One of the prickles was stuck to it. Carefully, I pulled it out. Blood trickled down my finger. 
I concentrated on the little wound. And maybe I was wrong, but the blood stopped spilling and the wound closed slowly. I put the finger to my white, stain free blouse. No blood had remained. 

A smile spread across my face. I tore one of the blossoms down from its blush and put it into my hair. Maybe my birthday wouldn't be so bad after all. 

Top 3:
1. Naomi Henzler 
2. Madeline Decker (to be honest, I couldn't decide between Madeline and Naomi and I like them both equally)
3. Gabrielle Davis 

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