Story continued from first tryout(:

"Bloody hell, RJ, hurry UP!" Penn all but screamed at me, her dark hair flying as she and Namibia ran for the bus like seasoned triathletes. Namibia ran with the grace of a leaping gazelle, her lithe, dance-toned legs stretching and flexing, while Penn---well, it's amazing Penn could run at all, what with those steel-toed Doc Martens of hers that must weigh a million pounds each. 

The old bus, huffing and puffing clouds of exhaust, was thirty feet away at the bus stop (a rickety wooden stake on a patch of grass), and it was basically our only ride out of Briar's Hollow to a quaint town a couple of miles away. It was Penn's idea to make the trip today--I'd told her a little about my traumatizing episode yesterday and she thought getting out of school for a while would be good for me.
Which was all fine and dandy, except I was completely useless at running. Or any kind of sport, for that matter.

"Oy, it wouldn't hurt to wait just one more second, would it?"
Penn was arguing with the bus-driver. 
"Listen, girlie, the bus don't wait for no one--"

Fortunately, in the three seconds of that argument, I'd managed to clamber onto the bus, my face completely flushed. Disgruntled, the driver pulled the doors shut and the three of us collapsed onto the seats, giggling.
"Sorry," I gasped, trying to catch my breath. "You--(gasp)know---(gasp)I'm--not good--at--(gasp)running."

"Looks like someone better lay off the cheeseburgers," Namibia teased.

"When have I ever eaten cheeseburgers?" I said, mock-indignantly.

"I think you mean those God awful ground-meat burgers Gertrude makes," Penn cackled, and we all laughed. "Dude, the only thing we can do with those is have a good food fight."

"Burger Night Food Fight," I sang.

"With Gertrude outta sight," Namibia giggled. 

"And Penn will announce to all in the dining hall..."


We high-fived in an eruption of laughter, the way one would think only gorgeous, footloose and fancy free teenagers without a care in the world could. But if people really knew the truth about us, us BH girls, they'd know better.

We were gorgeous, but our memories couldn't be uglier; our souls couldn't be more badly scarred. 
We were footloose and fancy free with our friends; depressed and troubled when we were truly alone.
We had not a care in the world; because the world, it seemed, did not care about us.

All we really had were each other. 
And Briar's Hollow, that brought us together.


This is a really odd story, I know! But I just wrote it on impulse(: And that concludes my tryout for Briar's Hollow! I will just say that I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE am completely in LOVE with this roleplay and if all else fails, I will frigging BEG you for a role--any one! PLEASE do consider me. (:
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