Since everyone hates me in tbm i has decided to redeem myself using this roleplay. So I present a sickly sweet character that you must ADORE.

☆Maya Fairfax
age: 17
hometown: London, England
bio: Maya is the daughter of one London’s most prominent businessmen and has led a life of great privilege. She’s soon to go to college but decided to drop a year and take a look at the ‘real’ world. So she begged her parents to allow her to come to Brazil. Naturally charming, talkative and friendly she appears perfect to the naked eye. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With a secret penchant for drugs, alcohol and misdemeanour while under the influence, she has been in and out of rehab multiple times. But eventually her surreptitious bad habits escalated so much that she did something terrible. She’s on the run now from someone. Someone who could damage her and her family completely.
model: {Lily Donaldson}


As our jet landed smoothly I rose from ‘The Prince’ and turned to look out the window. The lush green forest surrounding the airport soothed my eyes. Father, who had sleeping peacefully in front of me, jerked awake when the plane impacted.

“Maya I wish you would reconsider this, I mean Brazil-”
“Dad, how hard could it be? I bet it’s no different from camp Belgium.”
“You’ll be in for a rude, rude shock my girl.”
“Okay, okay. Come here. I love you,” he pulled me into a hug, “if you need anything don’t hesitate, okay?”
“Dad, I love you too and I won’t need a thing.”

When we alighted the aircraft the slight breeze blew in my face, scattering my hair. The air was so pristine, free from the toxic fumes that poisoned London’s air these days. I felt incredibly happy to get away. Especially from-

“Miss Fairfax?” an enquiring voice broke my thoughts.
“Oh hey, right. That’s me,” I smiled at the well built, handsome boy.
“Hi, I’m Chad. I’ve come to take you to the Project Brazil lodgings.”
“And you are a volunteer too?” my dad asked him in his custom, suspicious voice.
“Dad,” I groaned, giving him a light nudge.

Chad laughed and hurriedly said, “yes, yes, I’m a volunteer too. Nice to meet you Mr. Fairfax?” he said, extending his hand to dad.
Dad gave in and took it genially enough.
“Okay, Miss Fairfax, shall we go?”
“Only if you call me Maya please.”
“Oh, right,” he laughed again, “right Maya, and you can call me Chad.”
“I really didn’t plan on anything else Chad,” I said with a smile.

After we were done with some formalities the luggage was stowed into Chad’s car and Dad proceeded to bid me a teary goodbye. The crying was all on his part. After some eye-dabbing and eye rolls I got into Chad’s convertible and we drove off.

“Wow, you’re dad must really love you,” Chad said as we passed through the quaint countryside.
“Yeah he does, he’s a bit sentimental. What about your parents?”
His boyish features hardened slightly and he said in a unemotional voice, “no, not really. I’m not daddy’s little princess like you.”
“Hey that’s harsh! I know I look like a British Paris Hilton but I’m actually not as bad. Some say even nice,” I said, hoping to lighten the situation.
I succeeded. He guffawed and I noted that he had a really nice laugh. “You’re not Paris Hilton. You’re London Hilton.”
“Ha ha ha.”
 We joked all the way to the little cottages where I was supposed to spend ten months. Seemed like I was off to a great start.


Sorry if I gave you guys diabetes but I promise the stories will have loads of revelations. But no more fights. Or punches.
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lovely set

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I DO, i adore ;)



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