ll full name ll Robert Victor Vaganov
ll family status ll he's muggleborn, and first of his family to ever attend Hogwarts 
ll house ll Ravenclaw
ll year & age ll 6th, 17. 
ll faceclaim ll Penn Badgley
ll quidditch/prefect/head positions ll he doesn't play
ll member to any groups ll he try's to avoid all kinds of groups, but he's friendly with them all and helps out who ever asks him to. 
ll favorite class ll Potions 
ll least favorite class ll Transfiguration 
ll likes ll books, pranks, nice weather, potions/chemistry, mystery's and puzzles. he can always come up with a silly joke. 
ll dislikes ll rain, flying, few people, at school who acts like they're better than everyone else. 
ll against or for the new rules ll he dislike's the idea of everyone being divided in good and bad family's. as if it were the kid's fault of what their parents did and who their parents supported.

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