Taylor Kist
Age/Grade: 14, Freshman
Model: Abigail Breslin
Taylor is Nessie’s best friend. Her outlook on life is not as positive, but she envies Nessie’s innocence. Taylor sees what John wants from the moment she meets him but can’t seem to convince Nessie that he doesn’t really love her (or does he?). Although she’s still young, Taylor has had her fair share of heartbreak and is wise beyond her years in many aspects of life. No one is quite sure how she became so astute, but she is respected by young and old alike. Taylor is hiding something big that not even Vanessa knows about and it doesn’t look like anyone will be finding out too soon. But freshman Evan Green, younger brother of Rachel, seems to be slowly breaking through Taylor’s hard exterior with his gorgeous smile and hilarious jokes.

I`m in the limo driving up to my new school, Brimstone Academy. There is a long drive up to a very large stone building, and the rain is pouring down. The driver is minding his own business, and I am taking another look at the scool info. Apparently, I am staying in a dorm called Jane Austen Dormatory. I swallow, trying hard not to be too nervous. The car stops in front of the building and I`m getting out, thanking the driver for the ride and opening my umbrella. Walking up to the main building I feel an unusal blend of feelings. I feel nervous, but I also feel free. I take a deep breath as my new life is about to begin.
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