Lea's 16, about to turn 17.

Lea was very spoiled and still is, even as a young child.

Her birth was a surprise, even though her mother was young, at the fragile age of 19, she could take care of Lea herself, knowing as her father was very sick and she would get passed on his large company soon, she wanted to know who her baby's father was. so as soon as she was born she had gotten a DNA test, and found out her daughter's father was her ex boyfriend, who had blown up to be one of the most successful business men in the U.S.

 They've setled they're differences for the sake of Lea.
She is often gone back from house to house every 3 weeks, and was home schooled by her private tutor.

As she grew older, she met other rich girls and became friends with them. her only friends. 

Lea is a neat freak, a hygeine pro and someone who doesn't take no for an answer, wanting to be a lawyer she can put up a very good fight and be very blunt at times.

Everyday as she rode in the limo with her parents for a early friday dinner like they always do, she would see children pass by with friends getting off the school bus. She always fell silent as she watched them.

 her parents assumed she grew upset by it, and finally her parents realized they had made a mistake.

They broke the news that they had enrolled her in a public school.

Lea, will have to learn the new rules, meet new people, finish her homework on time, take the bus, and finally fit in.
can she do it all?


ahh it probably sucks, huh.. :|

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