Auditions;; ♥

Thanks for joining, everyone! ♥(:

We're fiiinally ready for our a u d i t i o n s ♥

Since this is the deciding factor on who will stay and who will goo,, this competition will be for T H R E E glourious weeks.

a very long time, indeed.

so i expect E V E R Y O N E who joined to enter this. ♥(:
because if everyone doess,
we will have T R O P H I E S ! ♥

you may submit a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g into this audition..
the set is new,
&& titled PBC auditions, or something along the lines of thatt. ♥

there will be a total of SIX winners, ♥
the top three of which, hopefully, will receive trophies. ♥(:
&& 35 people will move on.

&& you may only submit ONE entry.
so make it your best. ♥

might i also add that i am NOT biased towards sets nor members.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE all types. {mostly}
art && expression,, fashion... not so much interior design thoughh...
&& D O N T be afraid to experiment!
i love it when sets stand out from the rest.! ♥(:

best of luck! ♥

your moderator,
kelly ♥

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