Name: Carter James Mayer
Face Claim: Ashton Irwin 
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore 
Bio: Carter is the only child, and even though his parents aren't together he still lived a wonderful life. John and Minka took extremely good care of him, but kept him on the down low to keep him out of the spot light. They didn't want him growing up with paparazzi and celebrity drama. He is definitely a lady killer, like his father. Carter is flirty, adventurous, and loves to have fun. He is a talented singer, and an amazing futbol player. 
Family Background: Carter's father is the one and only John Mayer. His mother is Minka Kelly, one of John's exes 
Special Talent(s): Drummer&Singer
Scholarship (Or Nah?): Nah 
School Info:
Literature arts
U.S history

• futbol (soccer)
• music elect

Name: Beatrice "Bea" Marie Nile 
Face Claim: Shailene Woodley 
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Bio: Bea grew up in a small town in France. She has a large family though her beauty sticks out among the rest of them. She started modeling when she was only 5 and fell in love. 
Family Background: Her father is a wine farmer
Special Talent(s): Modeling
Scholarship (Or Nah?): Yes, modeling scholarship 
School Info:
Probability & statistics
Creative writing

• model 
• zumba classes 
• dance

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