Audrey Reed.

Audrey Marie Reed
Junior, 17
Have you ever seen someone that just went wrong for some reason? That would be Audrey Reed, or Twigg as she likes to be called. As the youngest child of a hot shot movie mogul and his model wife, Twigg has grown up much like the other kids at her school; with lots of money and very few rules. No one really knows what pushed Twigg to rebel, but once she hit fifteen, there was no going back. She dyed her hair crazy colors, she started hanging out with kids much older than herself in order to get into clubs and score drugs, she sometimes left home and wouldn’t come back for days. Her parents were shocked and too busy wondering what they did wrong to actually pay attention. Twigg was happy, and that’s all that matters. She became friends with Cherry and Kloud and was actually excited when she was shipped off to La Belle Vie for her high school education. There were people like her there and these people knew that sometimes, you just had to forget what others wanted you to do and just be the person you want to be. Twigg’s still working on it, but the person she’s becoming is always going to be better than the person her parents were trying to make her.

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