August 2012

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    "WED 1st: Hello August! School starts this month. But it's fine, I think I've wasted enough time this summer. About 18 days 'til Eid! Oh, remember how I said my school registration is on the 20th and maybe Eid will be that day? I was wrong, registration is" — @frenchkitty
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    "on the 17th, so don't have to worry about that! Yay! Rozas have been fine so far...I'm all used to it so it doesn't really affect me much. I've been watching lots of YouTube vids even though I know I shouldn't since it's Ramzan. Can't help it!!!" — @frenchkitty
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    "FRI 3rd: Went for namaaz today again. Since it's Ramzan, it is so crowded, we got a spot way in the back. After we got home, me, Zain, and Mommy went to Ross to go Eid gift shopping for all the kids. We were successful! We only need a gift for Inaya. And" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Mubarak / card
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    "double because it's her birthday soon too! Khaki and Haja had come when we went home. We were all doing iftaar together. And Yusef and Inaya were staying over until tomorrow. We are going to Rialto tomorrow so they'll go home from there. We ordered pizza" — @frenchkitty
  • Pizza Margherita, Homemade Tomato Sauce, Homemade Ricotta
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    "too and it was so good haha! Then everyone left and we went for Taraweeh. We have been going everyday. Only day we missed was last Friday. After 8 rakaat we were home. Daddy had another episode with Mommy over the most stupidest thing. They had some" — @frenchkitty
    With the help of Marcella Hazan's homemade tomato sauce, classic pizza margherita can be achieved at home. And thanks to the Barefoot Contessa, making homemade ricotta is easy and delicious.
  • House Plan 96903 | European Luxury Plan with 10467 Sq. Ft., 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 4 Car Garage at family home plans
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    "parking issue and he got mad and left. So stupid, like, really? Whatever though, I'm used to it. I made cars with the kids. They made birthday cards for Ammi tomorrow and Yus and Inaya made birthday cards for Haja. I'm putting together a gift from them to" — @frenchkitty
    House Plan 96903 | European Luxury Plan with 10467 Sq. Ft., 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 4 Car Garage
  • Blue Happy Birthday Candle Pick Sets Wilton
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    "her. They painted a frame and I bought a little tile display with a mom quote, it's cute. I'll wrap it for them and they can give it to her. I know Accu probably won't do much. Now we are off to bed because of sehri soon." — @frenchkitty
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    "SAT 4th: Happy birthday Ammi! We got her a gift yesterday from Ross, a cool looking plant pot, so this morning we all gave it to her. I think she liked it. Oh, and we all had sehri. Yus woke up to and was keeping a roza tomorrow. Naya too, she keeps rozas" — @frenchkitty
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    "until noon. It was so hard waking Yusef up, we had to splash water on him to get him up haha! We pretty much spent the day messing around, then we started getting ready. Boys showered, did my hair, changed. We left for Rialto around 4. Daddy came later" — @frenchkitty
  • Katrina the Ballerina.
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    "alone because he's still mad or whatever. The car ride was long and hot and uncomfortable. The kids napped. Rialto was, well, Rialto. Kids playing and messing around. Babies crying and on the stairs. Moms in the kitchen. Guys outside. I found myself bored" — @frenchkitty
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    "a bit because I had no one to hang out with. It's weird to be out with all the dads and guys, I don't want to help with food, Naya plays with the other girls, Nylah has Noor, Khaki and Haja talk, Zain and Yus don't really want me, Ammi is busy, Sara Khala" — @frenchkitty
  • Cherry Blossoms II print by Heather Johnston - Framed Art, Canvas Art & Art Prints Online > Magnolia Box
    "is with Azra or Omu or William. I have no one my age so it was awkward and I was wondering about from here to there. But like right before iftaar, I went with sara khala and Omu to pick up some food from a place, so that was nice. I like driving around" — @frenchkitty
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    "Rialto and getting to to see the area. After all, everyone spent so much time there when they were young. Iftaar was served, food wasn't all that great. There was tons of selection, but none of it was good. I only had like fruit and salad." — @frenchkitty
  • Katrina the Ballerina.
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    "It was nice getting to eat with everybody. Amma was out eating, Anwar chacha was there too. Chachi ma, Phuppi, all the young ones, nice to be gathered. I drank lots of Coke, I need it every day. Seriously. Zain lead namaaz and everyone prayed. Everyone" — @frenchkitty
  • Katrina the Ballerina.
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    "ate loads then it was time for dessert. Had tons of choices for dessert too. Khaki had brought a carrot cake from Porto's for Ammi since she likes that. We all sang to her, it was fun! It's fun with our huge family. We have all kids of people, from babies" — @frenchkitty
  • discoball balenciaga
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    "to old people! I brought glow sticks too, so all the kids were playing with those. Noor and Nylah play well, but Nylah is a bit more aggressive and mean to Noor haha! She'll take things from her, kit her, and Noor does nothing. Noor is so quite and calm!" — @frenchkitty
  • Katrina the Ballerina.
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    "Hung out more for a bit, and of course all the kids (and me) hung out on the Rialto famous stairs haha! Gotta love those stairs. We headed home at about 11 after saying salaam to everybody and saying "see you on Eid!" The drive was long back because of" — @frenchkitty
  • House Plan 57064 | Bungalow Craftsman Plan with 1628 Sq. Ft., 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms at family home plans
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    "freeways being closed. Finally got home and now I'm off to bed. So goodnight!" — @frenchkitty
    House Plan 57064 | Bungalow Craftsman Plan with 1628 Sq. Ft., 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • Unique, OOAK Tree of Life Family Personalized Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver Necklace
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    "MON 6th: It's been hot lately and will be the rest if the week. Rozas are long and boring. Much time on my hands. I've been working with Nylah painting a wooden mail holder to give to Khaki and Tariq Uncle on Eid as a gift from her. I'm letting her paint" — @frenchkitty
    This is a unique, custom made, Family Tree / Tree of Life Necklace embellished with my own one of a kind signature, Czech glass heart bead and up to three 4mm Swarovski Crystals in choice of favorite color / wedding color / birthstone. (Each additional crystals is $1.00 extra. Please include in notes to seller and you will be billed via paypal or convo me before checkout by clicking on link below). The 1" Tree pendant is cast, solid pewter with quality, sterling silver plating and is suspended from a lovely, solid sterling silver, 18" rolo chain(1.5mm). All my charms and necklace chains are sterling and made here in the USA. Swarovski Crystals are Austrian. My Signature Glass Heart bead is Czech. A wonderfully unique gift for someone special like a Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, bride, bridal party or a special treat for yourself. All necklaces are shipped to you in pretty white organza bag. Be sure to specify crystal colors in notes to seller upon checkout (see last photo for color / birthstone chart). A similar charm bracelet is also available in my shop as well as a variation of this necklace with stacking crystals rather than separate dangles. Please contact me with questions or for assistance. Swarovski Birthstone Colors are as follows: January - Garnet February - Amethyst March - Aquamarine April - Clear May - Emerald June - Light Amethyst July - Ruby August - Peridot September - Sapphire October - Rose November - Topaz December - Blue Zircon I also offer this identical item at a lower price point with a silver plated necklace rather than solid sterling necklace in my other shop on Etsy:
  • original watercolor painting small blue trees abstract forest
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    "it and I will put it together and maybe put some glaze thing on it to make it smooth. We also have been doing Eid shopping and wrapping as we go. We are doing some shopping online and we have been wrapping some stuff here and there. Me and Zain have" — @frenchkitty
    This original watercolor painting of an abstract blue landscape of trees measures 8"x8" and is titled "blue forest". I painted it with professional watercolor inks on watercolor board. This would make a lovely and calming accent for any small space. I recommend all watercolor paintings be framed under glass for preservation (this piece does not include the frame or glass) Please be aware that colors may vary on different computer monitors. Copyright does not transfer with purchase, artist retains all rights. This work will ship flat in a sturdy box or mailer. Thank you for visiting! To see more of my work, and some of my father's as well click here
  • Fishs Eddy Floor Plan Mug
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    "decided to order mugs for Mommy and Daddy so I told Khaki to order it and we will give her cash. Good gift right? I mean, what else can we do? It's hard shopping for them. Especially for our dear father." — @frenchkitty
    Floor Plan mug from the Fishs Eddy collection. Enjoy your tea or coffee from this novelty ceramic mug featuring an illustrated floor plan motif. “I love Fishs Eddy so I’m thrilled they are taking up residency in the Dining Room. It’s is all about fun, practical tableware and kitchen accessories, everything is bright and above all useful. My favourite pieces are the stripper glasses and the ‘Cheer Up’ collection; they add great humour to any kitchen!” Michelle Alger, Buyer for Home & Gift. Dimensions : 13cm x 13cm.
  • Seattle Sketcher Earthquake safety on a pedestal
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    "WED 8th: Holy shit, there were 2 earthquakes today!!!!!!! One was last night at like midnight. Later the news said it was 4.4. We were upstairs and Ammi was down, we ran to see Ammi. Which we should not do in the future because we should duck and cover." — @frenchkitty
  • Marbled Momi Paper - Earthquake
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    "I have a massive fear of earthquakes and think I feel them all the time. Seriously, I always think I feel them and no one else does. But this one was real. And there was another one this morning at 9:30 am. I was asleep and felt it. I just went to bed" — @frenchkitty
  • Earthquake - Free desktop wallpapers download
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    "again after. Found out later it was 4.9! So it's getting bigger as we go!" — @frenchkitty
  • katy-perry-opi-nail-polish-line
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    "THURS 9th: FINALLY got my period today when I woke up. It's about time, I'm like 2 weeks late. Mommy was freaking out! I hope to be done by next Wednesday so I could keep the 27th roza. Let's see. Today I went to the office with Mommy for a bit. Came home" — @frenchkitty
  • MAC Vestral White Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches
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    "with Daddy and Zain from madresa. I guess daddy hired another lady to work for him. The last one didn't go so well, she was fired after only a little while. Let's see with this new one. Lady workers always get to Mommy, I suppose I get why. Mommy wasn't" — @frenchkitty
    MAC Vestral White Nail Lacquer MAC Vestral White Nail Lacquer MAC Vestral White Nail Lacquer ($17.00 for 0.34 fl. oz.) is described as a “creamy white.” It’s a stark white cream. NARS Ecume is similar. China Glaze Snow is a bit cooler-toned. Nubar White Peony is warmer.  You might even consider White-Out (thanks Brooke!), because the [...]
  • Caviar Nail Pebbles by Caviar Dreams -Fall/Winter Colors
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    "dressed very "professional" when she goes to the office and I wish she did. I mean, she works very hard and is so capable but when she goes to the office and like meets these people they don't think so. People judge so there you go. But I just wish she" — @frenchkitty
    These Caviar Nail Pebbles from Caviar Dreams are the hottest new trend in nail art. Simple instructions, and a variety of colors! 1. Apply 2 coats of your favorite polish. 2. Gently sprinkle Caviar Pebbles over wet polish 3. Carefully set the Caviar Pebbles into polish by pressing the pebbles with the pillow of your finger 4. Wipe any excess Caviar Pebbles from the sides of your nails & enjoy your hot new manicure!
  • Chicago limousine, Hummer limo chicago, limo chicago, chicago airport limo
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    "did a little more and put some effort into her looks. I know, I know, looks are not important. I get it and I know. But I just wish she did. I would love to dress all buisnessy and professional. I love that look and style. She doesn't think that way but" — @frenchkitty
    Chicago limousine and SUV limo rentals. Chicago wedding limousines and limo bus service..
  • my favorite limo <3
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    "sometimes appearances do make a difference. Or is it just me? I don't really know. Anyways, the Patels came to drop off some food for iftaar. They always do every year, they are the sweetest I love them!" — @frenchkitty
  • Hakuna Matata
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    "Oh, and did I mention I am sick? Yup, got a cold. I feel just horrible. I hate colds, they make you feel like shit. I have a sore throat and my nose is running like hell. i don't even know where I caught it from! I'm afraid of giving it to everyone else." — @frenchkitty
    all year round summer blog. because who doesn't love summer? ask me anything here & click here for...
  • Beginner Natural definition How to Apply Eyeliner 10 Looks for Beginners and Pros
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    "Anyways, just got back from tarwaweeh. I sat in a corner. Right now I am doing my nails. Doing a different color for each nail. Too many colors not enough time. LOL so I am doing 10 different colors and adding glitter too. They are funk-ay!!!!!" — @frenchkitty
    Whether you want to know how to create a basic straight line, perfect your cat-eye, or learn creative new tricks, consider this your complete guide to all things eyeliner
  • The Drayton Hall House Plan
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    "FRI 10th: Namaaz again today but I didn't go. I stayed home with Nylah and let me Ammi go. 1st Friday namaaz I've missed this whole summer! Nylah was good with me. She ate, watched TV then fell asleep. Today we were going to Khaki's house for iftaar so" — @frenchkitty
    The Drayton Hall House Plan Photos by Donald Gardner, Plan # 1238 The Drayton Hall features unmatched curb appeal with a wide stone entry, courtyard and fountain. The dramatic stone arch, front courtyard and Old World style mixed materials create a lasting first impression. No detail has been overlooked in this spacious two story European style home. Entertainers and chefs will appreciate the spacious, open kitchen. The large island provides working space for multiple chefs. A butler’s pantry connects the kitchen to the dining room and creates a space to stash dirty dishes or extra wine and linens. A large, open e-space connects the breakfast and kitchen space to the family room. Built-ins and a decorative ceiling make this room comfortable but luxurious. A lavish master suite on the main floor and a spacious, secluded guest suite upstairs create flexibility. Space for casual living abounds in the large Family Room adjacent to the kitchen, while a large, open e-space adds convenience. Custom-styled details including a laundry chute, built-in cabinetry, niches and elegant ceiling treatments ensure that this home will stand out in a crowd. (3750/12382_f)
  • House 3461 Blueprint details, floor plans
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    "around 4, me, Zain, and Ammi left with Tariq Uncle when he came to get Nylah. Mommy and Daddy were going to come later closer to iftaar. I like going to Khaki's house, I think she needs to ask us more haha. Khaki was not cooking, LOL. She was catering in" — @frenchkitty
    About house 3461 - blueprints, plan details
  • what makes me happy / thai food (e.k)
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    "from that cool thai place near her. We all love that place, they have great food and yummy fish that I like! Haja and them came around 6. When it was just us there, we had tons of fun playing with Nylah. Love their media room, perfect for playing! Nylah" — @frenchkitty
  • Thomaspaul - Memory Game - modern - kids toys - - by 2Modern
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    "was sooo happy and excited to have us over, she was having a blast! Then everyone was here and we all hung out. Ammi spent her time in the garden and stuff. Iftaar time came, and we all ate. Nylah was acting up a bit and when she does, Khaki gets quite" — @frenchkitty
    Thomaspaul - Memory Game
  • Pastel Pinwheel - 8x12 Vintage toy still life photography print kids childs nursery room home decor wall art girls pink yellow green girly
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    "annoyed and doesn't really know how to handle it. We had dessert and tea then of course. And then Mommy and Ammi went for taraweeh. I didn't have to pray and Zain didn't want to go. And Daddy left for work. We played with the kids and talked. When it was" — @frenchkitty
    Pastel Pinwheel 8"x12" I also did a pinwheel in primary colors which could be hung in a boy or girls room. Check it out here: Does anyone else remember that kids show called Pinwheel that used to come on Nickelodeon? That's what this print makes me think of. Kinda takes me back to my childhood. :) All of my photos are printed on Kodak Endura E-Surface Matte finish professional paper. It is superior in quality and longevity of your print. Print comes unmatted and unframed. The second picture is just to show what the print would look like if framed. Your print will be shipped in a protective, acid free sleeve and a stiff mailer for safe delivery. This print also comes in 8"x10" & other sizes but contact me first as some of the image will have to be cropped to fit some other sizes & would change the look of the photo. I'll send you a proof of what this print would look like in other sizes if you'd like. Want this print on a canvas? Just ask!
  • Hape Toys Children's Play Kitchen
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    "time for us to leave after they came back from namaaz, we had to sneak out because Nylah would cry. She cried when Haja and them left too so when we would she'd be a mess. Khaki put he rin the tub to take a bath and then we vanished haha! We just quickly" — @frenchkitty
    A complete country kitchen with pots and pans, dinnerware and silverware, velcro food to cut, salt and pepper shakers and more. Durable and easy to assemble. For ages 3 years and up. Made from the highest quality materials including Baltic Birch and Maple woods. Dimensions: 21.3 x 11.8 x 31.1 inches / 54.1 x 30 x 79 centimeters.
  • Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set
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    "left the house. We were going to see all of them again Sunday anyway for Inaya's birthday!" — @frenchkitty
    Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set and nearly 7,000 other quality toys at Fat Brain Toys. The glow in the dark pieces snap together easily and pull apart so kids can build anything they imagine. Features 121 durable plastic pieces and storage tub. Button cell batteries for flashing lights are included. Motor requires 3 AA batteries, not included.
  • Purple! / Gnaana | Indian Parenting Blog| India toy, Indian recipes kids, culture crafts
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    "SAT 11th: Fun filled day of shopping and malls! As soon as I got up, me, Zain, and Mommy hit the mall to finish Eid shopping! We had to pick up gift cards and some stuff for Khaki and Haja. We got them shoes from Gap! Hope they like it. We got stuff for" — @frenchkitty
  • EC One Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Ring
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    "Accu and Mommy made a hair apt. for Saturday morning. Me and Zain also got chocolate for Mommy and Daddy to add to their gift. I had Khaki order nice mugs for them from Amazon and we paid her. I think it's a good and simple gift, right? And when we got" — @frenchkitty
    Stunning 18ct white gold eternity ring set with 1.00ct G Vs brilliant cut Diamonds. The very simple rubover setting of each stone follows the curves of the stones focusing simply on their cut creating a timless design that looks great stcked up with both decorative and simple bands. Other sizes available to order.
  • Oliver Peoples Francisca Sunglasses
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    "back, within an hour, Daddy came and I left with him to pick up my glasses!!!!!!!!!! Woo I was excited! We made it to Fashion Island and after they found the glasses, I tried them on! The sunglasses are fine and they look nice! My regular glasses are a" — @frenchkitty
    The Oliver Peoples Francisca sunglasses have a charming, feminine frame in a slightly oversized butterfly shape. Acetate. Oliver Peoples Logo. Avialable in Black/Grey.
  • Oliver Peoples Zaya Oversized Frames
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    "bit different from the lens I had for 3 years. They are a bit bigger and wider, I like them I guess, I just have to get used to the look! I have not told anyone but I feel like my prescription is too strong. Like the lens is tooooo strong and I'm not sure" — @frenchkitty
    Thick frames dramatize the glamorous look of oversized sunglasses, which look best on oblong, oval, and diamond-shaped faces. Choose black or coconut tortoise plastic frames. Oversized round tonal gradient lenses. Arms taper to padded earpiece. 100% UV protection. Imported.
  • Oliver Peoples Thesoloist 2.2: Nolly Eyewear
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    "if that's normal! But it's too late, what can I do?? Redo my lens and get new glasses? I don't know, I'm just going to wait and see and hope I get used to them!" — @frenchkitty
    Oliver peoples is pleased to introduce the second installment to the collaboration series with japanese fashion label takahiromiyashita thesoloist. Completely different from the first model, thesoloist 2 was designed using custom made materials in exclusive colors. The acetate nolly is a unisex style featuring a keyhole bridge, crafted with a flattering rounded lens shape and thin, vintage-inspired temples. Offered in classic custom colors, the left lens is engraved with the takahiromiyashita signature reference ‘left-eye’.
  • Number 5 Birthday Candle- Candles- Party Accessories -&nbspParty America
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    "SUN 12th: Inaya's birthday iftaar today! It was nice, but kind of unnecessary because Eid is next week and she'll get more presents. But Haja will be Haja, and she brought cups, plates, napkins, decorations, and even balloons. Iftaar was chaotic with" — @frenchkitty
    Provider of birthday supplies, party themes and costumes for kids, women, men, and pets
  • Quorra 1st Summer Party!
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    "everyone, it always is. We catered in felafel. And kabob and that kinda food. We did presents next and Nylah bugged Inaya! Haha. I knew she would. She kept going in and wanting her stuff. She is little so that's normal I suppose. Inaya got an American" — @frenchkitty
    Inspiring Kid Design and Baby Nursery Room Decor
  • Sophia's Light Pink Glitter Shoes, Fits 18" American Girl Dolls, Doll Accessories
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    "doll from her parents and some other little stuff. Not that much, but hey, Eid is next week! Khaki got her an apron and a jacket. We got her some stuff for her doll and Fancy Nancy books. Nylah kept wanting the doll and was chasing Inaya around for it." — @frenchkitty
    Who does not love glitter?! Your 18 inch doll will be thrilled to pair these fab pink glitter shoes with any outfit she may already own! Pretty pink glitter ballet flats Sized for 18 inch dolls, like the American Girl - 0.8 ounces Manufacturer Recomended Age: 5 years and up Product Features Pretty pink glitter ballet flats. Sized for 18 inch dolls, like the American Girl.
  • The Queen's Treasures Doll Steamer Trunk For American Girl 18" Dolls Pretty In Pink
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    "Naya was getting annoyed and she eventually cried. It was kinda funny to watch actually. Them 2 fighting over the doll. Okay, the doll isn't even that cute. It's 100+ dollars and I could find a cuter one at Target! Just saying! We did cake next. Ice cream" — @frenchkitty
    High quality doll storage trunk with faux leather cross straps is reminiscent of old steamer trunks designed and manufactured by us, The Queen's Treasures. The doll storage trunk measures 9" x 6" x 7.5". The doll clothes storage chest has a removeable tray for organized doll accessory storage. Sturdy wood with attractive Pretty in Pink paper design. Matching large size doll storage trunk also available. Product Features The doll steamer trunk - sized perfectly for accessory storage, measures 9" x 6" x 7.5" The doll clothes storage chest has a removeable tray for organized doll accessory storage. Sturdy wood with attractive Pretty in Pink paper design. High quality doll storage trunk with faux leather cross straps is reminiscent of old steamer trunks designed and manufactured by The Queen's Treasures. Matching large size doll storage trunk also available.
  • Special Price - Red Pink Berry Strawberry Birthday Party Package Personalized FULL Collection Set - PRINTABLE DIY - PS803x
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    "cake is always the best! We sang to her and all that. Then Mommy went for taraweeh by herself. I would have gone if I had to pray. We played Uno, I know we should not have and the guys should have gone to pray. But they decided not to go! They all left" — @frenchkitty
    Nothing could be sweeter than a Strawberry Birthday Party It's the perfect day to throw a 'berry ' special party! This listing is for the FULL collection DIY Printable PDF Berry Strawberry Party Theme! No printed materials will be shipped. File will be sent to your email address on Etsy Account Turn around time is 48 hours Business Day FULL collection includes : ● 5" inch squares banner with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with NAME (up to 8 alphabet) ● 2" Party circles with "Happy Birthday" and Strawberry graphic with NAME, AGE ● 2" Favor tags with "Thank You" and Strawberry graphic with NAME ● 4" Party circles with Strawberry, "Happy Birthday" and Flower graphics with NAME, AGE ● 2.4" x 9" Water bottle with "Happy Birthday", Strawberry graphic with NAME, AGE ● 10" x 7.5" Welcome Sign: "Welcome to NAME's Birthday Party" ● 10" x 7.5" Party Signs: 4 designs : "Berry Liscious", "Strawberry Field", "Fresh Strawberry", "Please Take One" and Party Signs: "Happy Birthday NAME" ● 5"x7" Thank you card personalized with NAME & AGE ● 5" x 7" BLANK cards (great for Thank You Note, Menu or Games…) ● 3" x 4.5" BLANK Fancy/Food labels and 3.5" x 2.5" Blank Tent label ● 12 Food Tent label (3.5" x 2.5") - Water, Cake Pops, Cookies, Cupcakes, Drinks, Strawberry, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Starwberry Cake, Ice Cream, Berry Juice, Berry Treats, Candy ● Cupcake wraps 2 designs ● 7" Mini-Party Cones for candy, popcorns or snacks ● Straw/ toothpick flags with Strawberry graphic ● Napkin Wraps 2 designs with Strawberry graphic ● 4 Pennant Banner pieces with stripes and polkadot pattern ● 2.4" x 3.5" BLANK Name Tag with Flower graphic (great for favor bags) ● Party Hats 2 designs in colorful stripes with Strawberry ● 5" x 7" Mini-Pennant banner ● 4 coordinating papers ● 10" great Full Cut Out graphic, 3 designs: Red & Pink Strawberry, Flower When purchasing, in "notes to seller" please include : 1. Name 2. Age Photo shows the FULL collection for this theme, Last 2 photo shows sample of PDF files you will receive. Customized Invitation is NOT included in this listing. ♥ Customized Invitation Sold Separately :
  • Kate Spade Gardner Street Two-piece Dessert Set
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    "a bit later and then Mommy cam back and that was all! I have tons of things to do before school and Eid and I really need to get a move on!" — @frenchkitty
    Our garden grows with a flourish of delicate foliage--adding a dash of playful polish to the handles of this sweetly sophisticated dessert set, which includes with a cake knife and server.
  • 2012 Olympic Rings Pin
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    "MON 13th: The Olympic closing ceremony was yesterday but I just watched it right now after Taraweeh. A lot of people performed. Guess who? ONE DIRECTION! Yup, you read it right, One Direction! But their performance was very short and guess what they sang?" — @frenchkitty
    LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE This nickel-plated, 1.25” pin leaves very few questions unanswered. In stylized text, it announces to those around you that SOMETHING is happening in London during 2012. With the colorful, iconic rings of the Olympics right beneath that heading, the message is loud and clear: the 2012 Olympics are happening in London and you’re proud to be part of them via the 2012 Olympic Rings Pin. View All
  • Official Olympics and Paralympics posters designed by Tracey Emin, Bridget Riley, Howard Hodgkin, Rachel Whiteread and more London 2012
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    "What makes You Beautiful! They were on and off. Very quick. I guess they had not much time. A lot of British artists performed too that i didn't know. They did a tribute to John Lennon and sang "Imagine." It was lovely, and now I love that song! Ed" — @frenchkitty
    The official posters which will forever be linked with the London 2012 Games were unveiled today
  • London Olympics heightened vigilance leads to 7 more arrests
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    "Sheeran sang too. He's another big British singer that lots of people like, but I'm not a fan. Oh, and guess who else sang!? SPICE GIRLS! Yup, even Mrs. Victoria Beckham! They did a few sings and did some crazy stuff. I thought it was cool of them to" — @frenchkitty
    Ahead of the London Olympics, seven men were arrested after a car-load of guns was found in northern England. The UK's national threat level warns of a 'strong possibility' of a terrorist attack.
  • With Two Months To Go, London Olympic Apps Calling App Store Home
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    "come, but they are all old though now. VB looks the youngest. Ceremony was long, but we skipped thru it. I'll admit I didn't watch much of the Olympics this year. Only like gymnastics and swim here and there. USA and China won the most medals. I don't" — @frenchkitty
    The 2012 Summer Olympic Games may still be two months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the excitement now. Here are just a few of the apps that will he
  • London Olympics
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "like how only the big countries win everything and never let the small countries win! Right? Like USA and China and UK win lots of medals and the small unknown countries never get anything! I feel bad and think they deserve the chance. Whatever. USA's big" — @frenchkitty
    London Olympics: Tuesdays best photos - London Olympics: Tuesdays best photos - FOX Sports Photo Gallery
  • Fab Five Celebrate Olympic Medals at adidas Lounge
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    "stars this year was Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman for gymnastics. And some other people I don't know haha. So at the end of the ceremony, they said Brazil was hosting it next. So they did all that and on Aug. 5th 2016, Brazil will have the opening" — @frenchkitty
    The Fab Five of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team - Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Gabby Douglas - show off their gold medals at the…
  • olympic rings photo
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    "ceremony. 4 years from now. Wow. A lot will change the next time I watch Olympics. I'll be done with high school and graduated and already be in college! Shit. Just in 4 years." — @frenchkitty
    olympic rings images olympic rings photos olympic rings pictures olympic rings 2012 olympic rings
  • Morocco Casablanca Hassan II mosque Islamic pattern mosaic picture photo
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    "WED 15th: Our Quran catham at Cypress was today! It was very hectic and chaotic and not peaceful at all. Ugh I was so annoyed and irritated by all the people and by how squished I was praying. We finished the 30th sipara and they did duas of course. It" — @frenchkitty
  • Masjid Silhouette clip art
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    "was quick, then people did sweets and chatted. All the desi people gave something out and being the desis they are, asked for me and went crazy. This year we actually made stuff to pass out. Ammi's famous nancathai! Mommy wrapped 2 in a little cup and we" — @frenchkitty
    Masjid Silhouette free clip art, building black icon outline map symbol drawing silhouette white cartoon simbol free religion line download wallpaper logo structure muslim islam silhouettes islamic dome masjid mosque siluet vektor gambar karikatur lambang minaret animasi hitam putih mosqu mesjid kubah kartun mosques peta
  • Jumma Mosque, Durban | Photo
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    "gave those out. It was nice! It was so crazy, like hundreds of people who never come to namaaz regularly but today they do! We didn't stay long after. Though it was nice to see all the fellow Muslims, we just were not for it and left!" — @frenchkitty
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Monochrome UAE
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    "THURS 16th: We went to another catham tonight right after iftaar! This time to Garden Grove. We rushed, like right after we ate we were out the door to make it on time. We made it just fine and we got good spots inside as well. There had to be at least a" — @frenchkitty
    A beautiful collection of photos in Black and White of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • jamkaran mosque, a photo from Qom, East | TrekEarth
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    "thousand people there, really. The 20 rakaat was really long and in the last one they did a 40 minute dua in it! Ugh it was so long but we did it. Zain too, and he was all by himself downstairs. In the dua the molina was crying too and it was something to" — @frenchkitty
  • File Taj Mahal Mosque Interior Hall.jpg
    More info
    "hear the man cry over loud speakers. Can't really explain it? Anyways, we finished up everything then were done at like 12:15! Afterwards, we saw a 24-hour Carl's Jr. and bought fries because I had been craving them so we got some. And we all were hungry!" — @frenchkitty
  • School Hallway
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    "We are home now and I am going to straighten my hair because tomorrow morning I have school registration and I will be taking my pic!" — @frenchkitty
  • Clover field 2 art Print of orignal watercolor painting ,lucky clover, Shamrock, luck of the Irish, modern minimalist , St Patric's day
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "FRI 17th: Had school registration at 12:30 today, right at Friday namaaz time. It sucked because I had to miss the last Friday of Ramzan. Mommy dropped me off to school and her and Zain left. Then I did all my stuff on my own. The lines were so damn long" — @frenchkitty
    Clover field 2 is an art print of my original watercolor painting, the original was sols. A modern, minimalist abstract clover field. It will add a touch of fresh green to your wall. Great gift for St. Patrice's day or your Irish friends. The first photo is detail. The full painting is the last photo. This is a limited edition of 50. Like this print but want it another size : look here.
  • Square Deal Recordings & Supplies Small Four Leaf Clover - Lucky Irish Shamrock - 2 For The Price Of One!! - Embroidered Iron On Or Sew On Patches
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "and it was hot as hell. It was been super hot this week and it's so annoying. I wore a blue blouse with black cardigan and jeans and put my hair into a cute bun on the side. I looked pretty good if I say so myself. My ID pic came better than ever and I" — @frenchkitty
    Affix this patch (either by ironing or sewing) to your favorite pair of jeans, backpack, bag, jacket, or luggage item to spruce it up and make it easier to identify! Each Patch is 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" Great Quality Embroidery! Check out our OTHER cool patches, buttons, stickers, magnets, keychains & photos! Iron On or Sew On!
  • Fiona Irish Flower Girl Basket
    More info
    "think it's the best school, pic so far!!!!!!! So then I got picked up after waiting a bit and then a few hours later me and Mommy went to the Patels' because Hajra was putting on medhi! So she did my 2 hands. The color is great!!!! Khaki and them came for" — @frenchkitty
    Standing 7
  • indian food | Tumblr
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    "iftaar today so we all had a nice dinner. We decorated the house, put lights, gifts, all that. Nylah tried on outfits and stuff. You want to know what else Nylah did tonight? DRAW ON THE WALL WITH A GREEN CRAYON! Yes, she finally did it. Right before Eid!" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Mubarak
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    "But we took it off. Zain had a genius idea to use just an ordinary eraser to remove it, and it worked! So all of us, I mean all of us, got an eraser and all were scrubbing the wall. It was funny and Mommy took pics too! We had a fun night. Now I am just" — @frenchkitty
    Khushion se bhari phoolon se dhaki khusbboan me basi rango se saji taroon me chupi supnon me dhali aur shabnam se dhuli eid mubarak..
  • Eid Mubarak Coloring books for Ramadan
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    "finishing gifts and cards and wrapping. Lots to still do!!!!!!!" — @frenchkitty
  • Cute Ramadaan *Or* Eid Decorating Ideas
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    "SAT 18th: Busy busy day! As soon as I woke up I left the house with Mommy doing errands non stop. We did groceries, nails, eyebrows, bank, and other places here and there. We finally got home at like 5 and then Haja and Khaki were here. We were going to" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Ramadan Ideas
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    "do the last iftaar together and chaan raat and cake for Haja's birthday tomorrow! We had a crazy fun night with lots going on. Dinner, then decorating more, the cake, and then Haja was doing mendhi for Inaya. Oh and also nail polish and Nylah even put" — @frenchkitty
  • eid sweets/ chocolates use plz
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    "some on for the 1st time! Yusef and Inaya gave their gift to Haja. It was a wooden frame they painted and I bought a little display mother quote thing for her also. We hing out as usual and had cake. Then Khaki let us open one of her gifts. I got a purple" — @frenchkitty
  • eid sweets/ chocolates use plz
    More info
    "scarf from Gap! It's really cute and perfect for fall! It got late and they finally left. Then Mommy blow dried my hair. Zain is so excited he cannot fall asleep! I went downstairs to clean up and put new table cloths and stuff. Now good night!" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Mubarak
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "SUN 19th: Eid Mubarak! Today was the best Eid in 4 years, our Eids have been crappy with Nen sick and all, but today was lovely! I woke up at 6:30, the earliest I've woken all summer! Zain and Daddy left for Eid namaaz as always. I got ready quick, I wore" — @frenchkitty
    Modern and stylish Eid Mubarak, islamic celebration design
  • Eid
    More info
    "a pastel green suit that Ammi brought last summer. It;s cute, nice style and stuff, but the color is just...ugh. Khaki was wearing the same suit in brownish/tan. Hers was better and of course she looked way better than me. We had our brunch with our" — @frenchkitty
  • eid
    More info
    "typical food once Tariq uncle and Khaki came. For some reason Nylah was in a bad mood today but then she was fine. After eating, me, Mommy, and Ammi went to the cabrestan. I really didn't want to go,, but I somehow got into going. Afterwards, we hit the" — @frenchkitty
  • eid
    More info
    "Patels to drop off some sweets. Wow, their house was full and crazy! All the siblings were there and all the kids. And they had so many gifts all over!! I got lots of Eidy, wasn't expecting it, but we got quite a lot. I loved being there, all of them are" — @frenchkitty
  • eid
    More info
    "so sweet and nice and happy and I don't know you just get all happy and carefree when you are with them. We got home at like 1:30, and by 2, Haja and them were here! We did gifts. Me and Zain did our gifts to Mommy and Daddy and to each other earlier. We" — @frenchkitty
  • عيدكم مبارك - Happy Eid- Lou
    More info
    "got them mugs and some See's chocolate. Nice, cute, and easy! I got Zain a Converse bag and he got me a Coke water bottle along with other little things. Our gift session with everyone was chaotic but nice, Nylah opened all hers and liked them all. Zain" — @frenchkitty
  • Happy Eid =]
    More info
    "got clothes and toys. Yusef got balls and Legos and clothes. Inaya got Tom shoes and other little things. I got a comforter set from Haja, a sweater from Khaki, and a 1D book I wanted from Inaya! I wanted it and I was happy to get it! I shall read that" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Mubarak / Eid Greeting Cards -Chocolate Pattern Eid Mubarak (20 Pack): Everyt
    More info
    "soon! After our bunch of Eid gift opening, we rushed to Rialto for our Eid evening there. Everyone was all dressed up and it was great to see everyone again. We soon did gifts again, with all of the kids! It was nice and organized this year. The kids got" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid
    More info
    "tons of stuff and I mostly got Eidy. It was crazay all that wrapping and toys and wow. We ate and mingled and had dessert. Sara khala made her yummy date cookies. There were tons of other stuff though too. We left soon after that.....did not stay that" — @frenchkitty
  • eid
    More info
    "long after. After all our good byes and what not, we all left and were home. Counted Eidy, I got 195$ and Zain got 165$. I got Eidy instead of gifts. I out 25$ aside towards my Morrisey fund, as I like to call it! Wonderful Eid, sad it's over, now time" — @frenchkitty
  • Eid Greeting Card in Arabic CAlligraphy
    More info
    "for school and Huzaifa coming and everything is back to normal! Summer is pretty much done!" — @frenchkitty
  • PreciousD
    More info
    "TUES 28th: Hello, long time now writing. I will not anymore because it's too much of a drag to take time to write all you did. I also don't have much time anymore since I started school yesterday. Lots when on and will go on, but frankly, I won't be" — @frenchkitty
  • Časopis ELLE, broj 06/2009
    More info
    "be writing collection journals any longer. Maybe I'll do a month here and there or something, who knows? But for right now, I don't need this on my mind so until next time, goodbye!" — @frenchkitty

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