You read about us in the tabloids, watch us on Entertainment Tonight. We’re the high class’s high class. Glitterati. Our trust funds have 9 digits, and anything we want we’ll get. This life is harder than it looks, though. Between parties and pedicures, morals are challenged and broken at the very core. That’s why we’re here – St. August’s Resort. A place tailored to our kind. Here we’re served gourmet meals and pampered in state of the art spas, but we’re also taught how to behave and become the toasts of society. Our parents most likely dumped us here because we were getting into bad habits (although not always the case), and wanted them straightened out before they ship us off to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. As they say, though, you can’t teach a party girl new tricks. This island has been filled to the brim with drama, lies, and pressure. Amidst all of this, it’s hard to stand out and be noticed. But you’ll have to, because only the elite stay on top at St. August’s. For your sake, you had better hope you’re one of them.

St. August’s Resort is located in the Virgin Islands. It’s a place concerned parents send their rough-around-the-edges children to learn the rules of society.
To put things simply – St. August’s is a finishing school, and a strict one at that. Girls aren’t allowed out of the resort at all during the week, and have a curfew of 11 on weekends. They’re expected to behave, or punishments will be issued. That’s not enough to scare these girls, though, because sneaking out is a daily activity that almost everyone at the school partakes in.
These girls are wild and rebellious, and at the top of their food chain is The Society. Yale Kensington and Chance O’Donnel received leadership of it after the former leaders left the school, and after Yale and Chance proved themselves worthy to be in charge. It’s not impossible to get into The Society, but it won’t be easy. It’s clearly worth it though, as everyone knows The Society girls get extra perks others can only dream about.

Please check it out. My Blissful Oblivion and I have worked so hard on it, and have put so much effort into the characters and the story. Tryouts are currently open, and the roleplay hasn't started yet - so you'd be joining at the roleplay's very beginning.
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