♦August St. Claire {18}
First impressions are what August does best, with her long golden hair and slim tanned figure she is hardly forgettable. Growing up at an all girls catholic school she was considered a bad girl, smoking in the girls bathroom and sneaking boys into the school but when she got out in the real world she realized she was much more of a good girl than she had thought. Money has always been in her blood so it was no surprise when she got accepted into Harvard Law but what did shock everyone was when she turned it down and disappeared in attempt to live her own life. Somehow she ended up the newest member of the Miami Barbies. With looks that are hard to rival and an unexpected friendship with the owner she might just step on a few toes on her way to the top.
Played be:Hottiecheerleader
Model: Candice Swanepoel
Years in Company: Brand new.

A culture shock, something that is heard of often but I personally thought it was simply a phrase used to refer to people unaware of their surroundings due to the small sheltered life they lived and most definitely did not consider myself in any way, shape or form to be such a person. I considered myself what is commonly refereed to as a 'Bad Girl" when I was in Highschool, which was only a few months ago. Going to an all girls Catholic school the smallest things made you a rebel, and I did all I could to earn that title rising socially to the top as well. I hiked my uniform skirt up, smoked in the bathroom, and even snuck boys into the school but all that seemed like trifle child's play when I left home abruptly and came to Miami.

Not set out for anything in particular but somehow I achieved a great honor, I was accepted into an exclusive group, I was a Miami Barbie.

My acceptance was a day I would never forget:

Nervously I looked up at his light blue eyes surrounded by the faint lines of age, and watch is expression tug into a smile, "Welcome August, to the Miami Barbies." 

And that was it, I was in.


I sat amongst the other girls, we all wore variations of sleepwear as we at around gossiping in the lounge room that was just for us. I looked up from the pink polish I was brushing across my toes when my name was said, "August! How is our little baby doing?" Anya smiled up at me over the top of her Cosmo magazine. I smirked, "Plastic." that brought out smiles on everyone's faces. "Have you been scheduled yet?" One of the other girls asked. I had only been here two weeks but it was slowly starting to feel like home to me. I shook my head, "Not yet," I bit my lip nervously. "aww!" a few giggled. "Shut up, not like I'm a virgin!" I rolled my eyes with a smile. "Thank god." Anya laughed. 

"I'm thirsty, you guys want something?" I asked standing up robe falling down around my thighs. "Pelligrino please and thank you." Anya said. "Same." Another two added. "M'kay." I nodded exiting the room. The maze of hallways never ended to confuse me here, not like I would admit that though. My bare feet made no sound on the polished marble as I aimlessly walked through corridors until I found myself at the entrance to the house. 

"Shitt." I sighed about to turn around until the doors swung wide open and in stepped two men dressed in long woolen coats, and designer jeans. Immediately the shorted one spotted me and flashed a toothy grin as his eyes roamed my body. "Why hello." He said leaning against the wall. I resisted rolling my eyes and gave him a small nod before looking away. "Ignore the whoress Richard." a deep voice said annoyed. 

Turning my gaze back on them I spat, "Excuse me?" placing my hand on my hip. "You're blond not deaf." He said words dripping with venom. "Wow, congrats on having the ability to point out obvious facts." I sneered. Raising an eyebrow on his perfect face that belonged on cologne ad he asked, "Do you know who I am?" he nearly demanded. I thought for a moment, being new isn't the most forgiving of things at times. "Someone who isn't worth my time?" I asked raising an eyebrow of my own. "Let the pretty girl go Tristan , calm down." his friend who I assumed now was named Richard thanks the comment earlier. Logan shook his head, "You are nothing." He said giving me a thorough look. "Trash." I paused for a moment at that, that was something I had never been called before. Shaking his head he brushed past me. I had no response.

"You don't know me." I said at last loud enough for him to hear. I heard a pause in his footsteps before the continued again behind me. Angrily I walked to another hallway one that would hopefully lead far away from them.
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