Aulis to Shangri-La: Myth & Folklore Challenge

Aulis to Shangri-La: Myth & Folklore Challenge
Moderated by apokalipstick.
Because there wasn't one, here's a straight-up world mythology and folklore challenge, although any set inspired by myths, religion and folklore is welcome.
The Challenge is composed of three nine-set categories and three free style sets, for a total of thirty sets. With the exception of the final three sets, all prompts are broad enough to be interpreted however you choose. Any set style goes, but each set has to reflect either a specific myth, character or tradition. The suggestions in parentheses are only examples; many more possibilities exist. I've tried to keep the challenge flexible, so it can theoretically be completed as many times as you have the inclination to make sets for it.
Gods and Spirits (any nine gods or demigods from any nine different areas):
North America (Native American, Eskimo, Inuit)
South America (Aztec, Maya, Inca, Candomble)
The Caribbean
British Isles (Celtic, Welsh, Scottish)
Northern and Western Europe (Norse, Frankish, Basque, Baltic, Lapp)
Southern Europe (Greek/Roman, Etruscan, Minoan)
Eastern Europe (Slavic, Hungarian, Romanian, Romani)
North Africa (Berber, Egyptian)
Sub-Saharan Africa (Yoruba, Bushongo, Masai, Zulu)
Middle East (Persian, Islamic, Semitic, Babylonian, Gnostic)
Central and Northern Asian (Turkish, The Stans, Tibetan, Mongolian, Siberian)
East Asian (China, Japan, Korea)
Southeast Asian (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia)
Australia and Oceania (Aborigine, Maori, Polynesian, Hawaiian)

Heroes, Foes and Creatures (any nine):
Crone/ Hag/ Wise Woman
Clever children
Wanderer (Yo, Odysseus!)
Warrior women (Amazon, Joan of Arc, Boudicca, Durga, Judith)
Storyteller (Scheherazade, Taliesin, Aesop, generic skald)
Twins/ Pair/ Duality
Triad (Norns, the Trinity, the Morrigan, Cerberus)
Chaos monster (Tiamat, Leviathan, Typhon, Zmeu)
Elemental (salamander, undine, sylph, gnome)
Nature Spirit (Dryad, Djinn, kami)
Mythical Beast
Botanical Oddity (Bohunh Upas, Yggradsil, Raskovnik, Mandrake)
Sideshow Attraction (Bearded Lady, Fiji Mermaid, Wolf Boy)
Automata/ Constructs (Prague Golem, Pinocchio, Talos)
Urban or Folk Legend (I'm looking at you, chupacabras.)

Places to Go, Things to Do:
Artifact (Mask, Mirror, Pandora's Box, Holy Grail, Death's Scythe)
Paradise/ Utopia
Vision Quest
Dealer's Choice (any one of the three groups; can't mix and match):
1. Pretend you have a spirit animal and make a set about it.
2. If you were a mythical personage, who would be your nemesis?
3. And you? What would you be like in myth world?
1. Make a set about one of you least favorite myths, fairytales or personages.
2. Make a set about one of your favorite (childhood) myths or fairytales.
3. If mythological beings were like patron saints (not that patron saints aren't mythological), who would be yours?
1. Remake one of your first ten sets as if it pertained to a mythical personage. At least one of the original items must be involved.
2. Double up: Make an alternate version of a set you've already made for this challenge.
3. Make a set about an event in your life as if it were a myth.
Then the Wagnerian soprano sang for you. Huzzah! Collect your work and send me the collection link. We need to populate that Hall of Fame.
She has indeed sung for thee:
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