♠ Aurora "Rorie" Valentin

Aurora Valentin is a seventy-seven year old woman-child of Fiammetta Abandonato. Physically and mentally, she's in her mid-twenties. This is due to her demon blood, which led to her aging slowly. Her father was Dominique Valentin, a wicked and sinister wizard of no small power, and her mother, well, we've covered that. Fia left Aurora with Dominique when she got bored with the man, and following his incarceration and death (don't weep for him, he was pretty horrible), Rorie passed onto her maternal grandmother, the light witch Aurore Valentin, Rorie's namesake. Aurore had long been estranged from her son, and assumed that Aurora would follow in his foot-steps - she was half-demon anyway. Rather than kill the child, she and her offspring periodically drugged and bound Aurora. Yeah, it wasn't nice. They thought they had to do it, but maybe they should have seen their own wickedness.
Eventually the Valentin line moved away from that place or died out, and Aurora was let free. She was basically like a small child, but in her decade and a half of freedom, she's improved leaps and bounds, and now looks and behaves like most twenty-somethings. Since she didn't really suffer, she doesn't think she has much of a sob-story to share; but she doesn't like talking about it, and she doesn't sleep much now. Since she thinks she has no distinguishable powers to talk of, she doesn't get why her grandmother felt it was such a big deal.
She tracked Fia down to the team she works with now, and decided to stick around to try to get to know her mother better. She gets along well with some of the gang - especially Kaede and Tolly - but she's still a bit of an outsider. She rather likes Eddie Morrow. Things are still a bit cool between her and the rest of the guys, it must be said.
Personality wise, Rorie is cool, calm and collected. She's glib, with a sharp tongue, a dry wit and a tendency towards needless sarcasm. She's quite the tomboy, but she also enjoys writing - mainly short horror stories and haikus. She carries a notepad around at all times in case inspiration strikes. She likes Oscar Wilde, Tesla, T.S Eliot and CATS. She wants a pet cat called Vyvyan, but she's never had a stable enough address to allow that to become reality. Children make her grumpy. She can be quite nervous and neurotic under her cool exterior, and can be a little bit needy. She's a little shy, so comes off aloof - or blurts blunt or bizarre things. She's very independent, but also pretty lonely and desperately in need of friends and family and a normal life, or, as close to one. She's torn between those two truths about herself. She can be cold, even callous, and prickly when upset, and isn't good with her emotions, leading to some silly, desperate, reckless moments. She likes a joke and if someone puts in the effort, will warm to them eventually - and possibly permanently. She can be quite sweetly naive without realising it, and isn't as worldly as her co-workers. As a half-demon, half-mage, she has a number of strengths against demons and magic users - but a great number of weaknesses to binding circles etc too. She has no faith in any magical talent of her own, but would like to learn. She is very slowly overcoming her trust issues and becoming a happier person.
PB: Ellen Page

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