Austin Sander

Name: Austin Sander
Age: (14-16) 15
Grade: Sophomore
Short Bio: Austin Sander was a normal person. As normal as anyone can get. His parents are normal, life is normal... Well, except the day he turned 15. Austin's parent's have always wanted, or more like 'Demanded' that he go into the army. His family doesn't tell him this until his birthday. They always tried influencing war on him, but he doesn't believe in violence. he believes in Gandhi's peace, and karma. He'd hate having to go be a solider. Faced with a tough decision, he goes off to the army, his family proud, but after a week, he is sick of it all. After a huge bombing, he survives, but the rest of his group died, he goes off and escapes. He is MIA (Missing in action) His family is worried sick for him, not having proof that he died. He is a deserter, and he won't go back to the army. Never.
Family: Alica Sander~ Is a simple housewife and a nurse, she's positive, but is very serious when it comes around to it.
Dad~ Was soldier in the military, as along with his dad, his grandfather, and on forth and so forth. He is very strict but is always kind. He gets his own way, it's his house, his rules.
Secret: Is a deserter in the army.
Appearance: Shane Dawson
Personality: Peaceful, happy, joking
5 Favorite Things:
Sensing auras
Do you want to be a founder? & Why?: No, Austin is not a leader, he is a follower, he's usually the shy on of the bunch.
As a potential founder, do you promise to be as active as you possibly can?: Of course, if you really wanted me to be founder, it seems like a big responsibility though.
Rate the two male cliques as which you would rather have: Sigma Chi, it sounds like 'Chai tea'
Anything Else?: Austin is really into aura reading and spirits.

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