What stories Scheherazade told the king in order to stay alive I don't know. They must have been complex, and so wild with impossible things happening. Come to think of it everyone has had impossible things happen to them, good and bad. And mine probably starts much simpler than Scheherazade's stories. Mine starts in a dorm room, in the University of Los Angeles, dead center in Hollywood, and right now I am a complete and utter stranger. Wait, maybe my story is a little more complex than I thought.

My name isn't Scheherazade, it's Leilani, Leila for short. I was born and raised all over, by different people, and some places I don't even remember. But at fifteen years old I finally became at peace, that's when I went to live on my own, in Hawaii. 

The emancipation, my name change is all another story that I will get to later. Right now a new chapter of my story is beginning here, in L.A. where I feel like an animal that needs to get locked back up in it's cage so that it doesn't get hurt. 

Sheltered from the world, and from L.A. smog, I stand in the middle of this empty dorm room waiting for my roommate to arrive. Will she be kind? Will she be elegant? The hairs stood on the back of my neck as the door flung open, and in entered a beautiful medium length platinum blonde with what looked like blue eye contacts. Her halter dress formed perfectly around her slim body, and I immediately knew her and I were as different as could be. 

Her cheeks were brushed with bronzer, and her lips perfectly glossed. Behind her trailed a guy carrying all of her pink Louis Vuitton luggage, and I couldn't help but stare stupidly.

"Oh," she blinked, and looked me up and down, then shot the guy carrying her stuff an alarmed stare. She looked disgusted. 

"I'm Leila," I introduced softly.

"Right, I'm Mackenzie," she replied nearly glaring, then snatched a suitcase from the guy. He was tall, sunkissed, and I could tell he surfed from his sea curled blonde locks. He couldn't have been more of a California guy, and she a California girl.

"This is my boyfriend Tucker," she said looking everywhere else but me.

"Leila, you from Hawaii?" Tucker asked eyes locked on mine. 

"She doesn't look Hawaiian," Mackenzie interjected.

"That is where I'm from, but no I'm not Hawaiian."

Tucker nodded smiling.

"Need help unpacking babe?" he doted on the blonde barbie doll.

"No," Mackenzie huffed loudly. "I guess I better get used to this, see you later."

With that Tucker left as if he was a servant who had been sent away.

"You know, you can always switch roommates," I said quietly.

"No no it's not that Lana, I just thought I was going to be paired with my best friend Jen, but here you are," she shrugged, her perfect curls bouncing up and down on her shoulders.

"It's Leila," I corrected.

"Mmm hmm," she smiled distantly, and rapidly unzipped all of her suitcases.

........more later maybe, just felt like writing a random story lol
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