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Wrote three years ago
@lillibunneh @luckied99 @sjlew @angiem Thanks so much, ladies. I appreciate it.

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
She is a gorgeous doll!

Wrote three years ago
Wow shes in really great shape! (going to work out now..or maybe after i create a set or Shes gorgeous!



The Best One with One Big Picture Background

The Best One with One Big Picture Background

This is a fashion group for ONLY one picture background sets. Although multi-picture and outfit only sets are lovely, this is not the group for them.
One win per person, per contest, max. Modest sets only.
Enjoy the contests and have fun!

University for Polyvore Design

University for Polyvore Design

Founded by @zipora-b February 2014.
This group is open to all and is a group to socialize and make new friends while increasing our design skills in making beautiful Polyvore creations.
We are a group of like-minded individuals, just looking to enjoy our time on Polyvore while strengthening the Polyvore community!
We currently have 10 UPD Professors of Design and 5 UPD Mentors, check them out below!
For this group, many of our contests will center on learning a new skill in Polyvore design, meaning anything from fashion, home, art, doll, icon, or album set design. It might even be embellishments, tips and tricks with the Polyvore editor, or telling a visual story through our creations.
We will have regular tutorials, lessons, and tips and tricks in Polyvore design, and not to forget, there will be awards, and hopefully prizes as we grow!
New Logo 1/28/2015 @luckie99
Welcome Video:
@zipora-b ’s YouTube Channel:
@kurious ’ YouTube Channel:
Tutorial Collection:
Zipora’s Templates:
Meet our Faculty & Mentors!
@mcheffer UPD Professor of Design – Doll Sets
@filletrange UPD Professor of Design – Home Sets
@arjanadesign UPD Professor of Design – Home Sets, Fashion Sets, Art Sets
@cb-hula UPD Professor of Design – Home Sets
@emjule UPD Professor of Design – Floral & Trophy Sets
@kurious UPD Professor of Design – Home Sets
@luckied99 UPD Professor of Design – Art Sets, Doll Sets, Floral & Trophy Sets
@helenehrenhofer UPD Professor of Design – Art Sets, Fashion Sets
@betiboop8 UPD Professor of Design – Fashion sets, Beauty Sets

@chiqiyoly – UPD Mentor
@heartfinds - UPD Mentor
@crazycountrygirl12 - UPD Mentor
@tarabooklover - UPD Mentor
@eula-eldridge-tolliver - UPD Mentor

Let's learn and create! Also, PLEASE
1) Like, comment and send love to others sets, but please do not copy!!!!
2) In addition, using other people's templates is supportive and encouraged. But, please be aware of the hard work that goes into template design and please do not copy other people's templates.
3) Finally, we want this to be a constructive and positive community where we can learn and grow, so please no harsh criticisms, profanity, or nudity.
Cheers! The UPD

Gowns Galore

Gowns Galore

This group is open to everyone and all sets will feature gowns! If you are a gown fanatic like I am, then this group is for you!
Mod: @mcheffer & Co-mod: @sophisticatedignorance21
Be sure to join my other groups
Beautiful People of Color!
Hooked On Style:
Polyvore at it's BEST:

I hope you win many trophies here at Gowns Galore!
How my contests are judged:
1. Based first on the contest theme. For example if the contest theme calls for a Yellow Set, that's what I'll look for first. If the theme calls for a solid yellow skirt, then plaids, stripes, or polka-dots in another color will not do, as it would not be solid yellow. If the theme calls for specific items please be sure to include them in the set, i.e., a hat or odd bag, or a particular style of shoe.
2. Details! Color, style, great use of main theme items, background, layout, complimentary items, and added effects should all work together to make one gorgeous set. I love the set where the artist has paid particular attention to the details that make each set his/her own creative masterpiece. I'm a little OCD in that I like to see shoes paired in sets as opposed to the one going solo! :)
3. Unique Creativity! I check for copied sets! I will try my best NOT to make a copied set a winner. I have been victim to copying and mass item raids and I am not fond of those who choose to play this way. Be your own unique self. Originality is highly valued here! If an original set has 7 items, and your entered set uses 3-7 of those items, you will not be chosen as a winner no matter how beautiful your set is, even if you change the layout or add a few extra items. I consider this copying because the set will not be an original. There are thousands of gorgeous items on Polyvore, please use the search feature to gain your main set items and not from the sets of your poly-friends!
4. You enjoy the contests here and you keep coming back for more! :)


Light It Up! Blue Gowns

Light It Up! Blue Gowns

118 sets from 62 members. Ended two years ago.
In honor of @catzmeow's 2nd Annual Polyvore Autism Ball on April 2, 2015, Submit your ONE PICTURE fashion sets that feature a BLUE GOWN. You can use the ONE PICTURE background of your choice!
Suggestions in the details.
Old/New sets 3D/3S/12W

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