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1. Your name: Roula
2. Your age: 15
3. Your birthday: 12th of January
4. Your hair colour: brown
5. Your eyes colour: dark brown
6. Your height: 169 cm
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: No
8. If you said yes what's his/her name? - 
9. Are you in love with someone?: hmmm... good question:P
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: yes
11. if you have what's their name?: Rami
12. Your fav colour?: green
13. your fav food?: pasta (carbonara)
14. your fav sweet?: ice-cream
15. your fav colour?: green
16. your fav pair of shoes: my fav uggs:)
17. your fav clothes?: dresses
18. your fav actor (male): Johnny Depp
19. your fav actress (female): Helena Bonham Carter
20. your fav movie: Amelie
21. your fav tv show: the x-factor
22. your fav tv series: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
23. your fav movie soundtruck: Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine (A lot like love)
24. your fav singer: (male): Brandon Flowers
25. your fav singer (female): Monika
26. your fav band/group: The Killers & The Beatles
27. your fav song: It's Indie Rock 'n' Roll for me - The Killers
28. what kind of music do you like?: Almost all kinds of Rock
29. what kind of movies do you like?: romantic & drama movies
30. your fav model (male): Josh Holloway
31. your fav model (female): Julia Saner
32. your fav tv president (male): no one
33. your fav tv president (female): no one
34. your fav political: no one
35. your fav book: Pride & Prejudice
36. your fav writer: J.K.Rowling
37. your fav book siries: Harry Potter
38. your fav animal: Horses
39. do you have a pet?: 1dog, 2cats, 1fish, 1parrot
40. what mark is your sunglasses?: Ray-ban
41. Do you have a nickname?: yes
42. If yes what is it?: I have a lot:p
43. Do you ever killed someone?: no, but I wanted to:p
44. Do you ever steal? no!
45. do you like football?: No, I find it boring, but most of the times the footballers are hot!
46. who is your fav player?: no one
47. do you like basketball?: more than football, but not that much
48. who is your fav player?: no one
49. Can you lick you elbow? no
50. Your grade in math? 19
51. your fav subject?: arts
52. your worst subject?: Science 
53. Have you ever eaten paper? no, as I can remember
54. What do you want to be when you're older? maybe a photographer, don't know yet!
55.What time is it? 15:05
56. The last word that you say? "I trust you"
57. Do you like hats? yes but I never wear!
58. If you'd have to be a monster - which one? Don't know..suggestions?
59. choose a number: 9
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book/:romantic novel 
61. Where are you from? Greece
62. Favorite saying? can't think of any now:p
63. Do you believe in God? not that much
64. What would you like to be if you were not human? spirit
65. The historical person who you like most?: Che Guevara
66. Tell 24 words starting with, A,B, C, D, E, F,G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.: Alex, Beer, Cat, Dior, Elephant, F**k, Geography, Height, Illuminated, Joy, Killers, Lion, Misery, Naked, October, Princess, Queen, Rose, Straight, Taboo, Umbrella, Violin, Wall, Xylophone, Yoko, Zebra!
67. What are you listening to right now?: The sound of the rain
68. fav kind of ice cream: Chocolate of course
69. fav computer game: The sims 2
70. fav actor (male) in tv series: Ashton Kutcher
71. fav actress (female) in tv series: Lisa Kudrow
72. fav role in a tv series by a male: Chandler Bing
73. fav role in a tv series by female: Phoebe Buffay
74. fav flower: Daisies
75. your worst song: Rebecca Black - Friday 
76. fav cartoon (male): flynn rider
77. fav cartoon (female): Kim possible
78. fav Fantasy creatures? hm?
79. fav drink: water
80. fav musical: "Across the universe" & "Sweeny Todd"
81. Amusement park? I haven't been to many, only the one in our town
82. Attraction at the amusement park? all kinds of scary roller coasters 
83. Weather? Rainy and Cloudy
84. do you like summer? yes everyone likes summer:)
85. do you like winter? yes!!Every season has its own beauty:)
86. what about spring? Yes the best season everything is green and alive:) 
87. and fall? Good too:)
88. Which famous villain from a novel you'd like to be? Captain Hook
89. Have you ever won a competition? no
90. if yes what? -
91. Looking for something at google? really very often
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar? don't know
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch? witch
94. Are you really good at school? Yes, I am!
95. You read magazines? Yes
96. your fav magazine? madam figaro
97. Which cell phone do you have? Samsung
98. Do you have freckles? I wish I had but no..
99. What's your best friend name? Theodora
100. tag here some people you like here in polyvore, that you think they are good friends. @victoriacouturelovesyou @dreamingmyfairytale @fe-y @chocoholic92 @valentina-back @taaiism 
101. Are you jealous of your boyfriend / girlfriend? no beacause i don't have one
102. How many books are on your shelf? a lot of books..my fav ones
103. What are you reading? a greek one "Σάββατο Βράδυ στην άκρη της πόλης" something like "Saturday night at the edge of the town"
104. Do you have a computer or a laptop?Computer and a small laptop
105. Describe you PC Background! Picture of a greek singer (Maraveyas)
107. What are your favorite characters (from novels)? Mr Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet
108. Vampires or Werewolves?Vampires
109. do you like twilight? It's quite boring 
110. who is your fav ? Edward
111. do you like harry potter?: You have to ask?? OF COURSE!!I LOVE IT!!
112. who is your fav?: Serius Black
113. Any fears? Not many 
114. What meaning does your name have? Silver or something
115. A quote, please. It must not be yours. "happy girls are the prettiest" 
116. Your favorite perfume? -
117. your fav lipstick: I don't wear lipsticks, but I love all red lipsticks!
118. How many posters hanging in your room? Not many, 5 or something
119. Favorite brand for bags? Proenza Schouler
120. for shoes? I love patent lamper but I don't have any v boots, also Converse all star and ugg
121. for sneakers? converse all star
122. for jeans? Various
123. best dressed star? don't know
124. Where did you meet your best friends?: School, at home watching movies or out going for walks-shopping-cinema
125. Do you like me? yes
126. if no why?-

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