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Isn’t the first real day of Autumn amazing? I don’t mean the first day as in technically… I mean the first day that requires a light cardi and even possibly the hat that you’ve been waiting all summer to wear. The first day that those awesome black boots that have been sitting in your closet can finally come out (OMGZ I gotta show you all my Autumn boots that have been patiently waiting for me to slip them on), or the day that you can dig up all of your colorful opaque tights to wear with your favorite open toed shoes (tell your fave pair of summer heels or platforms not to worry- they can come into Fall with you). Yes. It is just magical being able to wear the clothes you’ve been waiting so long to be able to debut and or revive. We should be there in about 2 weeks, no?

And, am I wrong, or is there something so lovely about the cool air outside hitting your face after a long, rainy June, and extremely hot July and August (which, for me, at times was spent without a.c.)? Close your eyes and imagine the smell of Autumn and then Winter. Does it not make you smile? Even though in my recalling of Winter scents I picture myself digging my car out of the snow in some form of inappropriate snow attire (aka heels and a silk dress), and cursing as my fingers freeze and hair fills up with frizz-inducing snow… I still long for it!

I realize this is ultra sappy and more serious than usual, but the changing of seasons has me in these weird moods. deal with it :)

This, my friends and lovely readers, is what I wish to be wearing on the first chilly day of Autumn… What will you wear?!

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