Avan Krum

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  • Bilder von Avan Jogia
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    "Name: Avan Krum" — @aksmasads
  • Harry Potter Inspired - Magic wand - Honduran Rosewood & Curly Maple
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    "8 inches
    Pheonix feather" — @aksmasads
    To discover the variety of woodworking I do please visit,
  • Durmstrang Institute
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    "He attends Durmstrang." — @aksmasads
    The Durmstrang Institute is a Wizarding school. It is located in the northernmost regions of...
  • Instituto Durmstrang
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    "5th year" — @aksmasads
    El Instituto Durmstrang es una escuela mágica que es notoria por la enseñanza de las Artes Oscuras. Se encuentra en las regiones más septentrionales de Noruega o Suecia. Durmstrang, sin embargo, enseña a estudiantes de lugares tan lejanos como Bulgaria. Durmstrang fue una de las tres escuelas que compitieron en el Torneo de los Tres Magos en el año escolar 1994-1995. Es una antigua escuela, habiendo existido por lo menos desde 1294. Los estudiantes usan capas de piel como parte del uniforme...
  • Viktor Krum - Harry Potter Wiki
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    "His dad is Victor Krum." — @aksmasads
  • Parvati Patil - Harry Potter Wiki
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    "His mother is Parvati Krum. He get's along much better with her." — @aksmasads
  • Search results for Jackson Rathbone
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    "His older siblings are Cedric Krum..." — @aksmasads
  • Beautiful Smoking Women
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    "and Hermione Krum. He isn't very close to either." — @aksmasads
  • horses
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    "Patronus: Mustang" — @aksmasads
    gorgeous ~
  • Wizards Toad
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    "He has a pet Toad named Drawny. First name that popped in his head." — @aksmasads
    Wizards have always been known to travel with some odd companions, although nothing quite compares to the likes of this Wizards Toad. This rotund amphibian looks like it belongs in a swamp or lake, where it could lounge around devouring insects.
  • ohmytara
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    "Avan usually has one hour a day where he is fully alert and awake...." — @aksmasads
  • 25 Room Designs for Teenage Boys
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    "He's sleeping the other 23 hours of the day." — @aksmasads
    Designing a room for your teenage boy isn't as difficult as it seems, and to make things even easier we have lots of really cool room design ideas for you.
  • Inspiration
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    "He grows tired incredibly easily, due to his odd sleeping patterns." — @aksmasads
  • I'm just another boy without a crown;
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    "It gives him alot of time to think and plan for the future." — @aksmasads
  • It feels good with fire back on your tongue;
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    "Yet, he's horrible with communication." — @aksmasads
  • S☮L☮ngT☮m
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    "When he is awake, he prefers to explore nature and hike." — @aksmasads
    Tom Moore, ☮, 17, London. The things I like aren't what are considered "normal" the things I believe in aren't very "normal" but then again, I'm not very "normal" anyways... SoLongers ☮You Look...
  • here's a toast to the end.
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    "He likes his privacy in the forest." — @aksmasads
  • random
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    "He is no where as cool or popular as Cedric. (not that that's a bad thing)" — @aksmasads
  • Reality Escapes Her...
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    "Avan writes down alot of his dreams and thoughts." — @aksmasads
  • 끝없는 평원의 나라로의 여행
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    "He's in love with a muggle girl: Lizzie McDonald. Even though she's halfway across the country, and they're only penpales....." — @aksmasads
    유럽과 러시아에 어느 미녀사진 31장이 화제를 모으고 있다. '노르웨이에서 가장 유명한 패션 블로거'라고 불리우는 '에밀리'라는 16세 소녀와 관련된 이미지들이다. 'Voe'라는 인터넷 닉네임으로 활동중인 에밀리는 우리에게는 낮설지 모르지만 노르웨이 온라인 상에서는 꽤나 유명한 미녀블로거라고한다. 주제는 글 제목처럼 패션에 대한 글을 주로 쓰며 본인의 사진을 올리며 스타일 소개를 주로 한다고. 영어권 가쉽사이트와 러시아 게시판, 이슈사이트의 운영자들은 온라인에서 활동하는 미녀발굴을 즐기는 편이다. 최근 추세는
  • Astronomy: glorious pictures of space: galaxy ic405
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    "His best intrests fall into astromony. He adores stars and planets." — @aksmasads
    Astronomy: pictures from the NASA Hubble space telescope. galaxy, ic405.
  • More info
    "Sometimes, if he's awake, he'll sit on the roof and observe the sky." — @aksmasads
  • Brass Steampunk Collapsing Telescope Charm(1)-L550
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    "His godmother Hermione gave him a telescope for christmas, understanding his love for knowledge." — @aksmasads
    Awesome brass with very nice finish!! Qty: 1 Size: 16mm x 77mm extended 16mm x 41mm collapsed
  • DAKINE Off shore surf tee
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Not even a 4 hour session at snapper rocks with 1 guy out is worth risking malignant skin cancer. A great shirt for sweatin it out in any sport, and looks like a normal tee for cruising the town Fits like a shirt, flexes, dries, and protects like a rashguard. Super light, airy and loose fitting surf top. Quick dry poly mesh. UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Helix Military Burnout Fleece Hoodie
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    Shop Helix fashions exclusively at Kohl's like this men's fleece hoodie.
  • J.Crew Collection women's Ludlow trouser in houndstooth Italian wool
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    Polished cool personified, this women's version of our legendary Ludlow trouser is meticulously crafted in four-season world-class wool fabric (our signature men's suiting fabric) by a centuries-old Italian mill. Featuring a lean, menswear-inspired silhouette with a to-the-ankle 28" inseam, it boasts the same impeccable tailoring as its namesake. Pair it with our women's Ludlow jacket in matching houndstooth. City fit—our lowest rise. Sits just above hip. Straight through hip and thigh, with a straight leg. Wool/poly. Slant pockets, back welt pockets. Partially lined. 28" inseam. Dry clean. Import.
  • UNIQLO Men Efc Dot Socks
    SOLD OUT: More info
    These extra-fine cotton socks feature a playful dot design in contrasting colors. Size:8-12. 81% cotton, 14% nylon, 3% polyester, 2% spandex. Machine wash cold. Imported.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox 130122C Unisex Laced Canvas Trainers Nectarine
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    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox 130122C Unisex Laced Canvas Trainers Nectarine in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Men's Shoes, Trainers | eBay

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