Aveline Beaulieu

Aveline Beaulieu; 17
family background: aveline's father - Yves Beaulieu, Duc de Berry is part of the French Royal Family while her mother is unknown as she is born via surrogate. Her aunt, Yolande is the maternal figure in her life. She has two half-siblings, Michel and Gabrielle (also born via surrogate)
style: tailored and clean cut pieces usually mixed with classy prints or statement accessories
Being a daughter to a famous and important figure, Aveline grew up with every privilege and luxury imaginable, as well as educated by the best tutors her father could find. Home schooled before entering Constance, Aveline finds herself having issues with the term 'making friends' since her world before was only home although growing up in the public eyes because of her father's scandals. While she always finds herself in the most elite of social circles, she's a bit oblivious and can come out as uptight but its expected with her upbringing.
likes: opera, classical music, spending time with her family, junk food, sweet pastries, horse riding, tennis, well mannered boys
dislikes: people asking about her mother (she doesn't have one!) tabloids, paparazzi, mother's day, inappropriate behavior
model: kristina bazan

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Wrote three years ago
@n-zy heh. fine she can but aveline gets to give her a nickname too :p MINE! you have maru 0.0

Wrote three years ago
can Alice call her 'princess'? that's sort of her own sarcastic nickname .. heh. and kyah, donghae ya!!

Wrote three years ago
@n-zy @chrissykinz @kkerry @sarahstardom @elizabeth-kate


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