My name is Aver McKinny. I am 17 years old. and i have one sibling. Make that HAD one sibling. My baby brother, Micheal, got reaped last year for the games. He wasnt even close to winning.

This is why i am an outcast. the whole district feels as if it's sorry for me. Condolences dont help with loss.

My music does.

I love songs, and writing, i play guitar and i dont know what i would do without it. I alwasy wake up early and go to bed late becasue im writing and working and going to school.

I hate this time of year. I love to sing. Everytime i do, i think of my little brother who was only 13 when he got reaped. i sang to him all the time.

Writing is how i deal with my loss. Only one other person knows im like this.

And that person is my freind Finn. I had alwasy hoped we could eb more but i dont know if he sees me that way.

I slipped on my cotton reaping dress, peterpan collar neckalce and keds and walk inot the square,
Where are my parents you may ask?

i live with my mom and dad but they are almost never home, well inside. I work on a grain plantation and they are constantly working out in the sun.

They found time for the reaping "holiday" as we head to the square. My mom's eyes were red. Worried i would go into the reaping and never come out.

I line up with the girls in my grade and just stand there. I look at finn from across the aisle and he smiles weakly.

The capitol rep comes up. He looked no more than 22. 23 at the latest. It was Ed, and he had always been the representative here. My mentor was a girl called Danielle. She was a teacher at the dance academy i used to go. SHe was reaped at 18 and came out alive. this was over 10 years ago now.

I look at ed who had made a speech no one was listening to and his hand gently caresses the bowl with the slips of paper.

Avery McKinny.

That's me. I was going to die.
 i was escorted up as i hear 

"Finn Pendragon"

i was going into the games...

with my best freind

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@hungergamestintin1d thanks

Wrote two years ago
Awesome! I love it! (:

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