Name: Avory Clarke
From: Russia but is fluent in German and English as well
Grade: Junior
Bio:Avory grew up in Russia with her parents and sibblings. She has always put others before herself and probably always will. She loves making friends and helps anyone in need. She hopes that here at the acedemy she will florish and make great memories. 
Model: {suggestion: Josephine Skriver }

----> Why did you come to Thorton Academy?
My parents wanted me to have a fresh start somewhere away from my sibblings so I could find out who I truly am. 

----> Do you believe in the rumors of the hauntings and such? I believe in ghosts Im not sure if there is one here but Im willing to believe if I see it . 

----> Do you miss your family? Could you tell us a bit about them? Yes, I miss my family very much. I love all of them so much. My mother stays at home with my sibblings and myself. She used to be a doctor loike my father. I have 3 sisters and two brothers and I am the oldest. I take care of them when my parents can not. That is the one thing I miss about being here is them.

----> Are you settling into Thorton? I think so I have met some amazing people so far and I am excited for school. I love to read so Im excited to learn from this amazing acedemy.
2. write a short story if you want extra brownie points
3. a collection and/or story board

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