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^ forever my favorite song. ^

the 50 item limit is ruining my life.

also, - holy flawless.

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I'm having an identity crisis. This is the first set in the "Kendall's trying to find a new layout" series. I need a new one, to stick with. I keep switching around. What do you think?

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Fighting has broke out among your allies because there's is only a day's supply of food left. 

What is your standpoint on what to do and what happens to your alliances?

// We last left our heroes (lolno) at that picturesque waterfall, so let's start there. 
The Careers, as typical Careers would, didn't ration their food. Soon they find that there's next to none left. Sounds bad, right?
Orland suggests they only eat every three days or so, to which the others - Iantha, Leigha (@shapes9), and Trent - disagree. The argument carries on, ending with Leigha grabbing her weapons and starting to run off, deciding she'd do better off on her own.
Iantha, Orland, and Trent run after Leigha, but only Orland has the stamina to catch up. Minor kerfuffle (I really wanted to use that word today...) ensues. (ie: Orland tries to throw is sword at her, she gets him right in the stomach with a knife, and then it's like BAM - DEAD.)
When Iantha and Trent catch up, Orland is lying on the ground, bleeding to death. Let's get a great big HURRAH for morbidity. His cannon fires only a few seconds after they arrive. Three Careers down.

Trent and Iantha agree to ally, for now. They go on a killing spree (oh my Gallifrey, that sounds so bad...) to gain sponsors. After a particularly gory kill (the girl from Eight. if you were wondering.) that I just can't WAIT TO WRITE (that was sarcasm, don't be frightened) they're sent a parachute, which contains two loaves of bread and two apples. It seems a poor source of food, Iantha thinks, and it will soon be gone.

The next morning, they start hunting again - animals this time, not tributes - and manage to kill a few birds, which should last for a while.

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oh look, Kendall's being pathetic again. sorry.

if just ONE of you will sponsor me, I'll live. Sounds good, right? I mean, I haven't really done anything to warrant your compassion. UNLESS you're really enjoying that one chapter I wrote and want to read more of it. (which shall be up soon, I promise). But I doubt it. So here's me, just groveling for your pity.

cool. Message @bayersturm saying "I would like to sponsor Iantha Moore for this round" and SAVE MY LIFE. 

I'm pathetic.
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*all the hugs*. Thank you so much. I'm still freaking out. It was featured on the homepage and in the collection and as;dolfkjw;aisldkfja;woilsdkfjasdlfk. 

Timelord love to you. <3 <3

MAY 8TH, 2012
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