Hey guys! This was requested.
So, we all know that trampolines are fun. But they're also an awesome exercise! If you didn't already know- it strengthens every muscle in your body... Isn't that crazy?

Here are some fun ways to exercise on the trampoline. :)
*Tuck jump
Pretty easy (but most of these are). All you do is jump & completely tuck your legs into your chest. Do it over and over again.

*Jump into the splits
Or as far as you can go into the splits. :)

*Land on your knees, and as you jump back up, land on your butt.
I used to do this all the time, and it works you out like crazy! You just do it over and over again, as much as you can, without landing back on your feet. It really works your core.

*Circle your arms. 
It makes you loose more calories. :)

*Random twist with your body.
Just randomly twist your body- it's good for the abs!

*Kicks in the air.
Just kick one of your legs in the air, and when you bounce up again, kick your other leg.

*When you're in the air, reach one of your knees to your elbows and switch. 
(kind of like the bicycle crunch, but in the air)

*Try to reach your legs straight in front of you, and lay your body against your legs.

And that's all I have for now!
I hope this is what you were looking for. :) 
Even just jumping up and down is an excellent workout! 
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