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1. Forever 21
-this store is one of my favorites because everything is so cheap! i know its not the greatest quality of clothing but for me, the clothes i get there usually last a while! -

-Their jewelry section is what they're known for, they literally have everything! from the latest trends to simple stuff. this store is also amazing because it keeps up on the runway trends & has ever style there,so youll always seem to find something!

2. Urban Outfitters
definitely my alllll time favorite store out there, i have a indie-hipster style so this store suits me well. not all is so hipster though you can usually find some dainty girly things once in a while! (florals, stripes, etc.)

although this store is expensive, they have awesome sales! you can always find a oringial price shirt that was once $40, marked down to $10-15!! its literally amazing and thats why i love it soo much. ive only bought one skirt from there that was full price and all of the other things ive gotten there were on sale. 

urban also offers home decor and little trinkets and such. you should definitely check out their home decor its so cute! i love all their jewelry racks and comforters.

3. American Eagle
if your into beachy trends, check out american eagle. its also one of my favorites, but usually only in the summer time. ive never really liked their winter items but it all depends on your style. 
their summer clothes are absolutely amazing! i love their tank tops and shorts. i think their denimn is made very well & thats such a good thing. their shorts are about $30 but i got mine on sale for about $24 which was good! 
american eagle can be expensive but if you really look you can find great deals. i love their clearence stuff too!

4. Wet Seal
another one of my favorites!even though i havent purchased anything from here, ive looked and what ive tried on is pretty cute. i dont really know how to describe this style, id say just like...hhm not really sure haha just check out the website :) but id say its beachy

5. Papaya Clothing Online
ive heard of this online shop but apparently they have stores in some malls. i think they have pretty cute clothes although most isnt necessarily my style..i think its more girly! but i love the floral shorts. lovelovelove!
they have really inexpensive stuff but i dont know about the quality, im guessing its like a mini forever 21!

6. Marshalls & TJ Maxx
i just loooove marshalls for clothing! they have a ton of inexpensive designer clothing like roxy, free people, and much more! i really love this store and a lot of people write this store off as "second hand" for some reason when really its not. i find a lot of great clothes there for every season.
they also have great accessories and shoes!!
(no website, sorry!)

7. Pacsun
im pretty obsessed with pac sun, i need to shop there more. its up my alley & the clothes seem awesome!! i would say its a beachy store hence the name pac sun
they have a lot of surfer-style clothing which i looovee!! i think the quality is great too, a little over priced but its worth it!

8. Free People
now...this is a designer but...i reaaally love it & i thought id just include it. i have two things from there when i went to new york and i literally fell in love. such a cute boho store! pretty expensive but i bet you can find some okay sales, just save up! the quality is amazinggg & the spring selection is to die for.[Brand]_General_-_Exact-_-Brand_-_Google-_-free%20people&kwid=e786edb20d3047dfb8858c11c485d92a

9. Lu Lu's
ive heard meganheartsmakeup rave about this online shop and its pretty cute! its expensive though which kinda sucks. but check it out & see if you are interested!

10. A'GAGI
i just discovered this webstie and i think you girls may like it..once again all depends on your style!

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