Okay, so I've had some pretty great feedback about my Awkward expression sets (link below if you wanna check them out!) and I decided to make a few awk stills sets. For instance, these two stills of Klaus in As I Lay Dying look REALLY awkward. Now, I may just have a dirtyy mind, but doesn't it look like he's, like, admiring himself, then looking up like he was saying "I have a great dickk." Hahahaha sorry you guys, that's what I thought of XD
But yeah, so I'm gonna do some more awk sets, make sure to lemme know what you think(:

Well that's an awk look collection: http://www.polyvore.com/well_thats_an_awk_look/collection?id=1223217 

Tumblr: http://beachchickxoxo.tumblr.com/ 
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