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This is an artistic mashup fashion design group and a place for contest, collaboration, competition and co thinking following these guidlines: 1) Design creativity, usability and accessibility regarding target user class, event or usage. 2)Four main design styles of Retro, Vintage and modern and minimalism. no extreme style. 3) Design falvor and style in tune with SanKhodro mashup designed sets on polyvore. Group Policies: 1) No template,no text (signature is allowed). 2) One picture background is ok. 3) Only original,new fresh designs(no copying from other users, contests or even your previous work sets) 4) Naming has reserved score in contests. 3) Good does not take young, old , past or future , good design is such a phenom. Main Group Goals: 1) To step up artistic and structural minimalism and simplicity. 2) To start a reserved position and value for art of naming convention for designed sets. 3) To contribute on fair , collaborative and competitive excellence. Contest will be updated every 3 days. Have fun SAnKhodro
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