Phoebe Johnson
Age/Grade: 17, Junior
Model: Mila Kunis
A wealthy heiress, Phoebe’s parents travel all over the world, which is why they sent her to Brimstone for high school. Even in the summer, her parents don’t make much of an effort to spend time with her. Because of this, Phoebe is very independent. She loves to cook and one day hopes to open her own restaurant, though her parents highly disapprove. But that’s not the only thing she loves that her parents dislike. The other thing they don’t like is her boyfriend, Brimstone scholarship student and aspiring actor, senior Hugh Smithson. They have threatened to disown her if she keeps going out with him, but Pheobe, a hopeless romantic, sees herself as the modern Juliet and Hugh as her Romeo. Phoebe and Hugh don’t have to try hard to keep their relationship a secret from her parents though, because they are rarely ever in Europe, much less England.
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Hair: loose and wavy
Scent: Ed Hardy
Nails: multitude of colors
Lips: lightly glossed with a hint of pink
Devouring: a burger and fries
Sipping: water
With: Hugh
Where: my dorm

“Hugh, stop stealing my fries,” I complained as he attempted to take another one. I swatted his hand away but he was still able to grab it. Hugh smiled in triumph.

“You still love me.” He loved over to try and kiss me but I turned my head, but then I turned it back and kissed him.

I glanced at my cell phone clock; it read four in the afternoon. My last class was about to start, and I needed to go. I had to make sure I slipped out of here unseen because no one but my close friends knew about Hugh and me. My parents know about this, but they disapprove of it. They threaten to disown me, but I’m their only daughter they would dare. However, they are constantly trying to set me up with other men. In order for me to get rid of them, I have to act like a total bittch, which is hard for me.

“Hugh, I have to go,” I murmured into his mouth as he was kissing me. Hugh groans before pulling away. 

“I hate your schedule.” I giggle at the look on his face and slowly get up. I grab my bag before going to the front door.

“You are welcome to stay if you wish. I’ll probably be back late though because I’m at my cooking class. Sorry,” I send him an air kiss and slip out my front door.

Yes, an heiress is taking a cooking class. I hope to become a world class cook and open my restaurant. This is another one of my dreams which my parents disapprove of it. I think they want me to be like an actor or something, but I refuse to be. If anything, I’m glad I’m pissing my parents off.

I’m just glad that I still have Hugh at my side as I continue on my journey. But will something come between us?
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