Eighteen years ago you gave birth to your two twins zoey and aiden payne. And today, they were going to their first party as legal and responsible adults.
“dad! I need your shoes!” you hear aiden yell from your room. “Why does he want your shoes?” you ask your husband liam payne. “no idea” he says as aiden yells back “never mind! Found them!”
“Mum! I’m just borrowing something of yours!” zoey yells. “Fine!” you yell back. You couldn’t understand why your kids were borrowing your things. “you reckon it’s got anything to do with this party they’re going to?” liam asks you. “Maybe but I’ve got no idea” you reply as you turn to see both of your kids dressed in your clothes. “what on earth?!” liam says with astonishment. “The theme of the party was your role model/idol so we figured we’d go as you two” aiden says smiling. “I’ve had people tell me my kids look like me and your mother but I never believed them till now!” liam said still shocked. Zoey was wearing the dress you wore when liam proposed to you and aiden was wearing the first top you ever bought liam. Aiden was a splitting image of his father and zoey was a splitting image of you. “you both look lovely” you say smiling giving both a hug as you found your voice again. “thanks mum” aiden said “and we should be back by about 11pm but if we’re getting late we’ll call” aiden said picking up his car keys. “have fun” you and liam said in unison as you waved the kids out the door. As soon as you both went back inside you couldn’t help but burst into tears. “Hayley whats wrong?” liam asked worriedly “my babies are all grown up!” you wailed into liam’s chest. Liam chuckled soft before placing a kiss on your forehead. “honey, they’re always going to be your babies even when they’re fifty years old” liam said as he hugged you. “yeah but I miss running around after them I miss mothering a little child” you sniffled. You and liam were both very young (20 to be exact) when you had the twins. “well, we’re only 38” liam said. “your point?” you replied still a little upset. “my point is we can still have another child” liam said. You pulled away from him and looked at him. “ you serious?” you asked softly. “yes, I am” he said smiling before leaning down to kiss you. “you are a genius, I love you.” You said smiling as you pulled away to face your beaming husband. And with that, it was decided. You and liam payne were going to have another baby.
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