Baby doll lolita

This is how I interprete "lolita" and "baby doll" alltogether, a look O used to wear a lot and still can't stop to include in my wardrobe.
It's influenced both by the original meaning of lolita, and the japanase. The difference I make between them are that the first one is only consist in wearing young girl ultra girly (slightly retro) clothes in a sexy way while the second one is more manga-inspired, more creative and using cute unusual things.
I think baby doll is a good name too, because of the baby doll wide dresses and skirts.
The ruls I used to follow are these :
- The girlier = the better, the colors allowed are brights and pales one + black. Bows, lace and flowers are great.
- Always look quite sexy (miniskirt/shorts or low neckline everydays)
- Always look under your age / never look adult
Anyway ope you'll like it
PS : Sets are at the end
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Wrote one month ago
Great collection!

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So cool! ≧◠◡◠≦✌