baby finn

stuff i would have been super into as a kid
some of this stuff is super weird, i realize? i was a weird kid.
for some reason i was really into christian iconography as a kid? i have no idea why this was, especially given that i'm jewish?
i was also really into elizabeth 1 as a kid? again, i'm not sure how or why this happened but she was my hero
i was also really into:
1. witchcraft
2. dolls, especially kewpie dolls
3. mermaids
4. fairies
5. harry potter
6. plastic baby bottles, for some reason?
7. lava lamps
8. lisa frank
9. rabbits
10. alice in wonderland
a lot of these things are standard for little kids to be into, i guess, but i was also just a really weird child
part of that was growing up jewish in super small town australia is weird, i guess, and i didn't have a lot of friends, both because of that, and because i was a kind of gross kid who did stuff like eat other people's candy off the ground and believed that dracula was probably coming to kill me on any given day

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