Baby girl with a gun

Because when @princess70xox and @marzipanniers tell me to do something, I don't even question it.
So I figured If I was a villain I'd still be just as lazy as I am now, probably. So I wouldn't be a very high-powered villainess. I'd participate in a lot of petty, delinquent crimes like robbing banks and any store that has cute underwear with my gang of badass chicas. We'd ride around the city at night on loud motorcycles and spray-painted obscenities onto
government official buildings. But then, letting my ego and addictive personality get the best of me, I'd expand to violent crimes, like cutting out the tongues of cat-callers and people who don't tip
their waitresses. Once I got a taste for blood, there would be no turning back and I'd become a ruthless criminal, living out of cheap motels with neon lights while I tried to evade the law hide my trail of victims.
I'd wear a lot of bright lipstick and wear a lot of cheap fur and pleather, for sure.

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@princess70xox @marzipanniers LUV U GURLS

Wrote one year ago
YAAAASSS! The babiest, hoodiest of baby hoodrats!

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