I love you more than anything
but the words cant even touch what's in my heart
when I try to explain it I be sounding insane
words don't ever come out right
I get all tongue tied and twisted
I cant explain what im feeling
and I say, 
baby, baby, baby i ...

So a few things.
I start school in about 2 weeks ;o
nooooooooooo. why. 
but on the plus side, fall is coming
my excitement for this season is too real, like words don't explain it c:
i love layering and being warm and wearing warm colors and feeling cute and comfy, like fall? come to me.

another thing if you're reading this could you please leave a comment? to this question;
do you like me/my sets?

i literally feel like no one does or if so, i know at least 3 people that actually comment and make me feel proud of a set that i spent 3 hours on.

so it would mean a lot to me if you commented on this set of what you think of me or my sets and if you want me to do something/change something about my sets to maybe get people to actually notice me? thanks.

~xo Brooke
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