fa la la // justin bieber feat. boyz ll men.


check out the website for these lovely shoes: http://lebunnybleu.com/

okay, so i'm pissed you guys. chris rene got third..... what the fuck. i mean, i love melanie, she's got an amazing voice but she's an exact replica of mariah carey, just not as pretty (no offence.) 1d got third, chris got third, and allison got third. what's with me and third place. hahah. 

lol leona was on x factor. where was liam!?

oh my god. if i am going to share my friends' tumblr's (real life friends if you're confused), can you NOT message them? it's awkward and weird. honestly. it makes you look like a stalker, hahaha. my friend got a message from someone on polyvore, and a weird one. like don't at all. never. seriously, it's awkward. and also, it makes you look bad. especially when i'm not even friends with you, and you message my friend. wtf. i don't understand.

YOU GUYS. so my father comes up to me yesterday, and hands me a present. it's not from him, it's from the owner of morgane le fay, the internship i did over the summer. and i took a quick peek, it's a dress. YOU KNOW, HER DRESSES USUALLY COST LIKE 600 DOLLARS. there is basically a 600 dollar dress under my 'effin christmas tree, and i can't even open it until sunday. *hyperventilating* 


i hate my school for forcing us to do community service. 50 fucking hours. i don't have time.

oooooh, i shall put up my ebt intro soon! i totally forgot.


saw my best friend, whom i haven't seen in forever. i love this girl to death <3

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Wrote 5 years ago
That is super creepy that people message your real life friends...Omg what does your dress look like?! That is so awesome. Merry late Christmas :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Dreamy photos :))

Wrote 5 years ago
Your sets is Bombastic dear ♥

Wrote 5 years ago
So awesome... So gergeous.



Oh,so glamorous

Oh,so glamorous

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United Colors of Polyvore

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