~Sunday, August 19;
After the other day's bloody and violent battle between the Morattis and the Kings, Chicago's Mayor Parker is deciding to draw attention away from organized crime in order to host a masquerade benefit gala. Along with beautiful Billie Jameson's help, Mayor Parker is hoping to raise money and support for his second campaign as mayor. Only the best of the best with deep pockets are invited. Did you make the cut?

I watched as Robert pulled on his slacks and walked towards his desk, taking a cigar out his case and lighting it with a match. He blew out the match and I grinned, lifting my head off of the pillow and resting it on my hand.

Noticing my smile he walked back over to the bed and pushed me down, kissing me passionately, and I sighed heavily as he pulled away.

‘Shall we do something tonight?’

He shook his head and pulled his shirt back on, fiddling with the collar.

‘I’ve got the gala.’

I sat up and wrapped my arms round my legs.
‘Well I could come with you.’

He frowned at me and walked up to the window, looking on to the street below.

‘Satine, you know I can’t. I have to take Rebecca.’

I rolled my eyes and pouted, crossing my arms.
‘Right. The wife.’

He checked his watch and put his jacket on, reaching for his hat.

‘Yes, my wife. I need to go before she gets back. Come over here and kiss me.’

I continued to pout but got off the bed and walked over to him.

He held my chin up and bent down to kiss me.

‘Bye baby.’

I sighed and threw myself down on the bed dramatically, mumbling bye into the pillow. I heard the door shut and flipped onto my back.

Now I had to think of something else to do, because I was definitely not invited to the gala. I didn’t have enough power or money to be allowed to attend such an event. I used to of course, and the big events were about the only thing I missed about living in England.

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and head down to the Cat Scratch.
You could hear the music coming from the joint before you even arrived, and I felt better about my decision to come out alone, and pretend I wasn’t feeling sore about Robert leaving me on my own.

I opened the heavy door and looked around. The bar was busy with most people laughing or dancing to the loud music. In the corner a few people looked as if they were having a hushed conversation and I decided to head towards the other side of the bar. A few heads acknowledged my presence as I brushed past a group of flappers giggling and smoking, looking as elegant as ever.

I ordered a scotch and attached a cigarette to the end of my holder, holding it against my lips.

‘Need a light?’

I nodded as the man next to me lit a match and then lit the end of my cigarette. I took a smoke and then a swig of my drink, before I realised he was still standing next to me.

I smiled sweetly at him,
‘Thank you so much.’

‘Anytime doll. I’m Theo.’

I nodded at him with the same sickly smile on my face, silently willing him to leave me alone. For once in my life I wasn’t in the mood for attention. When he realised that the nod was my reply he continued,
‘What’s a pretty girl like you doing out alone? You know it’s not safe, right?’

I laughed and took another sip of scotch,

‘I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you.’

He snorted,


I frowned, suddenly insulted by his tone, and finished the rest of my drink. Grabbing my bag I turned to him,

‘Well thank you for whatever this was, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to excuse myself.’

I faced towards the door and began walking away,
‘But I didn’t catch your name.’

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him again before turning on my heel and rushing towards the door,

‘That’s because I didn’t give you it.’
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Wrote 4 years ago
(i love satine!!! fab story!!)

Wrote 4 years ago
Such indipendent, I adore it! :)

Wrote 4 years ago
No worries! Just thought I'd let you know :)

Wrote 4 years ago
@vikkirose oh gosh i did ahah! sorryyy.




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?For the love of Role Plays!

?For the love of Role Plays!

This group is for people is aboslutely love role playing on polyvore! You are aloud to submit any of your sets that you submit to your RPs group on here too! Any owners of RPs want to advertise their RP here, just PM one of the moderators! When we get enough members, we'll start doing contests for different role plays, (with owners premission)contests for different characters, or even just contests for best RP story! Join today and help more people join YOUR role play!

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The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

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Basically, this is an advert group for high fashion roleplays. Only high fashion;) You can post your advert sets and send me links to your roleplays which will be shown on here. I'll choose some great ones for you! This is also a page where you can look at if you want to find a new roleplay to join.
Please also post your gorgeous role-play sets.
The second point is that it's a roleplay help group ;) You can ask questions and the FAQs will be posted. It doesn't matter whether they're about models, bio or anything else. Apropos models: I'll post collections with underused models and new faces. You can send your collections, too. Male and female, that is.
The Hall of Fame is part of the group info including links to roleplays which already started, meaning it's not time for auditions.
How to get into the Hall of Fame:
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La Paris Academy
Situated in the outskirts of Paris, this academy provides those who can afford it with knowledge and prestige. But life there isn't only glamourous since there's a person who makes you and the other girls fulfill tasks each week. If you don't manage your task, your darkest secret will be revealed and for everyone to see...
Apple, Inc.
Become a part of the Apple universe and spread your rebellious ideas on campus. Maybe you'll be the next Steve Jobs? Only time will tell. Just stick to your visions.
Girls of New York
Work at Vogue and belong to the most envied girls in the world: The girls living and working in the buzzing city of New York. Fashion, style and glamour are daily part of your life, but don't forget about your real life either.



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