So, I just purchased these about a week ago, and i think that they are...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!<3333 i seriously recommend these, it's a great investment. here are the positives & negatives about these great* products!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ PROS;;;;;;
~PACKAGING. Honestly, what caught my eye was the colorful, and fun packaging and tube. It's soo cute!(: you cant even deny it. 

~SOFT, SMOOTH, HYDRATED & MOISTURIZED LIPS. Shiizzz. I used to have really bad chapped lips, but thanks to baby lips, they are now smooth and soft(: what i also love is that it feels like nothing / verrryy light on my lips! i used to be a dedicated chapstick user, but now that i look back, baby lips makes chapstick lip balm seem sticky and thick and waxy. i just wannna buy a whole bunch of these babies, i dont want them to discontinue, at all ;p

~PRODUCT. if you roll it up all the way, you can obviously notice that they offer you a great amount of product. they tube itself feels light, which i also like, but it will last me awhile.

~SCENTS & COLORS. there are numerous scents & colors for you to pick from. the tinted ones may look super tinted, but they arent! you wont even come close to the color of it even if you swatch it over and over and over on your lips. and the smells...they are SO yummy! but its not over the top scented, so no deal breaker there for you non-lovers of scented lip balms.

~PRICE. it's only $3.99! (: some may think that too pricey for a lipbalm, but you must remember it is 'medicated' and from the Maybelline line. 

hooppe you found this helpful. (:
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