Weird... I don't even like Justin Bieber or the color pink. {no offence...} Anywho, I'm so flakin happy! I kinda made my friend call himself retarted. Yeah... not really... Umm, we were at his locker and he was wondering what he had for homework. Then he asked what S.S. teacher I had. After I told him I said that we were in the same class. Then he said: Oh yeah! I'm retarted. Hehe, I feel accomplished. xD lol. Yeah... you probably didn't need to know that.

Man, I have a lot of homework. I tend to procrastinate. I also might have a spanish oral thingy tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday and a science quiz tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday. Why am I telling you this? o_o I don't know...

So, I'm probably not gonna be on much today. Gotta finish mah stupid homework. You guys probably don't even read descriptions, so I'm gonna stop. Bai! xx


@eliya-golan Love ya! ♥ 
@kirbyisthebest You rawk! ♥
@sonali-benbow Hey I heard you wer a wild one xD ♥
@switcheroo26 :o Oh hai derr. I never see you anymore :o ♥ 
@elarane Hey Ela! :D ♥
@imadino Hola Megan! :D ♥ 
@jb-fan-101 Aloha Sarah! :D ♥ 
@brookeizacupcake Bonjour! :D ♥ Haha, one of the few words I know in French xD 
@ariana-grande-butera-anonymous Hay! :D ♥ 
@niall-horan-anonymous You're awesomeness! ♥ 
@hayley-and-andy-anon Miss yew </3 
@xx0brokenangel0xx ♥♥ 
@danyrocks ♥♥ 
@nikki-the-tomo-tomlinson ♥♥ 
@joana23 ♥♥ 
@lanielougirl ♥♥ 
@lilian95 ♥♥ 
@coolale ♥♥ 
@v-sierra ♥♥ 
@mousehouse98 ♥♥ 
@love1d8 ♥♥ 
@paocata ♥♥ 
@halgra43 ♥♥ 
@kelseylewis ♥♥ 
@are-you-with-me ♥♥ 
@ojtori ♥♥ 
@miss-jennamarie ♥♥ 

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Wrote 4 years ago
@hyperbubblytea she scares me to.DX

Wrote 4 years ago
<3 @hyperbubblytea

Wrote 4 years ago
@imadino O_O Your teacher scares me...
@eliya-golan Haha, I don't know! XD And thanks. I wish you good luck too! And love you too! ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
~ ali what happend ? XP ~
i wish u god luck for everthing !
love u 2 ♥ so much (:

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