JJ Hamblett is soon to be a father yes his wife Brittany is pregnant with there first child, and they can't wait for their little bundle of joy to get here. I flipped off the t.v and thought back to when Brittany told me she was pregnant. That day was perfect she is my everything, and the baby growing inside if her will be my everything. I get up off the couch and head up stairs to see what my lovely wife was doing. I open the bed room door and she was sitting on the bed putting her snow boots on. 
"Hey JJ good morning."
"Good morning sweetheart."
"May I have a kiss?"
"You don't have to ask just kiss my lips."
Brittany comes over to me puts her hand around my neck and I lean in and give her kiss. 
"I love you JJ."
"I love you Brittany, and I love you little person." 
"I love when your talk to our baby."
"You do I just love feeling your belly sweetheart."
"JJ your the best husband ever."
"Nah I'm just me baby."
"And I love you being you."
I take Brittany's hand and we walk down stairs, and I get her some orange juice and she sits at the table. I hand her the glass and she pecks me, and I sit by her.
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