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☆ [June 30th] It's the grand opening of Olivia's Cupcakes! Why not head down to the Santa Monica Pier and grab a cupcake.. or a dozen? Oh, did I forget to mention that there will be a baking class? All nannies are welcome to attend and learn to bake some delectable cupcake treats. (Sneaking a bit of cyan pepper into another nanny's batch isn't illegal). 


The vodka tastes unfamiliar in my mouth. I haven't had it since my mafia days. So, i spit it out. 

"What are you doing?" 

I ask calmly. 

Landon shrugs and returns to reading something on his iPad. 

I fold my arms and stare at the scene in distaste. He has been downstairs reading on his iPad all morning. To make things worse, he has a glass full of vodka beside him. He never drinks. Never. He wants to be a doctor after all. 

"Is this because of me?" 

I ask after a few moments. 

Landon shrugs before answering his vibrating phone. 

I roll my eyes and head upstairs to change for the Olivia premiere. 


I hear arguing as I adjust my skirt, and I quickly slip on my heels and rush out into the hallway and down the stairs. 

I head into the family room, panting, and stare in shock at Landon and Timothy. The last time that either of these two men spoke was when Timothy shot Landon in the leg several weeks ago. 

Both men turn to stare at me, and Timothy immediately walks over and places his arm around my waist and leans down to kiss my cheek. 

I notice Landon turn away, and I allow for Timothy to give me a quick kiss. 

"We're getting late, shall we go, love?" 

I nod and follow Timothy out the door, avoiding a fuming Landon. 


"What was that all about?" 

I ask. 

As Timothy drives, I notice his fingers tense. He swallows before sighing. 

"I knocked on the door, hoping it was you. I would have texted, but I wanted to surprise you. I brought flowers but /he/ answered and that's when our voices began to rise. He started yelling at me and claimed that I am a monster. I apologized over and over for his knee but he wouldn't have it. Then, you came down." 

Timothy squeezes my hand with his cold one, and I squeeze back. 


After he drops me off, I take out my phone and notice two missed calls from Elsa. 

I dial her number but am interrupted by a tapping on my shoulder. 

I turn around and notice Elsa and Channary standing there. 

"Oh. Hello."

I mumble before walking away. Although I feel bad for leaving Elsa, I refuse to speak to that slippery snake. Channary betrayed me, and I haven't the slightest interest to hear an apology. 

A doorman hands me a paper as I head inside the crowded bakery. I manage to navigate past customers and into the back room, where several kitchen stations are set up. 

I notice Ursula arranging her baking utensils, and I let out a groan. I also spot Portia pre-heating her oven, and I decide to claim the station parallel to hers. 


She states and waves at me. I smile at Portia and gesture to her massive cookbook. 

Portia blushes and exclaims that it's a family heirloom. I quickly nod before turning my attention to the judge. 


After he explains the rules and sets the timer for two hours, a bell sounds and all of us begin to bake. 

I pre-heat my oven to three-hundred and fifty degrees. Next, I hear Elsa saying--Elsa?

I swivel around on my heels and face a floury Elsa. 

"We need to talk. Let's meet up once our goodies are in the oven?"

I agree and return to my blank slate. My mother never taught me how to bake. I never really had any family as a child. But--it hits me. Mrs. Lopez did show me how to make gorgeous red velvet cupcakes last week. Maybe I could attempt to recreate her recipe?...

I poor cake flour into a bowl and then add one large egg, white vinegar, a dash of salt and baking powder, a cup of coco, and then a spoonful of red food coloring. 

Once my batter is complete, I pour it into a large cake pan and place it into the oven. 

Then, I go on to clean the dishes. As I am rinsing out a bowl, I am convinced that I hear my oven open and close behind me, but when I turn around, no one is there. 

I scan my eyes across the room and notice Portia mixing some sort of frosting, Elsa cleaning up, Channary taking something out of the oven, Nico pre-heating the oven, and Esther analyzing other contestants. 


Once I am cleaned up, I join Elsa near the pantry. She begins to speak, but is interrupted by Nico.

"You better start counting down your days."

She says brightly before grabbing the package of fondant. 

I lunge for her, but I feel a strong arm grip my back. I turn around, expecting to see Elsa, but am instead greeted by the stern face of Esther. 

"You need to control yourself. Do not let her get to you. Understand?" 

I fold my arms and turn away. Am I the only one on this planet who is convinced that Ursula and Nico are choosing spices to sautee me with? I mean come on. 

Esther explains to me that she may have "tampered" with Ursula's batter, and I grin before returning my attention to Elsa. 

"As I was saying, I am keeping an eye out on Channary. I am being nice to her, but I know that she is hiding something. I just know it."

I turn away and feel guilty for not explaining to Elsa what happened back at the gala. Seeing Cannary appear from behind Nico was heartbreaking. I honestly thought that she was my friend, but I guess that I was wrong. 

"I..I... need to tell you-----"

This time I am interrupted by Portia. "Suri, your station is on fire!!!!!!!!!!"

My eyes grow wide and I glance over at my station and become frozen to my spot. Before I can even blink, I spot Ursula running over to my station. 

oh hell no. 

I sprint to my station, leaving Elsa, and I grab Ursula and yank her back. Next, I grab a pot and pour water into it. Then, I throw it onto the stove's fire and watch as the flames vanish, leaving smoke behind. 

After a coughing fit, my station has returned to normal. 

"Ten minutes remaining."

How is that possible !?

I grab my cake from the oven and shove it into the fridge. Next, I mix up a quick batch of cheesecake frosting. 


After placing the final garnishes onto my slice of cake, I set it on the judging table. Once all plates are placed, the judge begins to taste test. 

Once the judge reaches my station, I find myself feeling extremely confident. 

"My ...dear friend's recipe." 

I say as an after-thought. The judge nods and places a small bite into his mouth, but immediately spits it out. 

"How could you place pepper into this cake!? Dismissed." 

I stare at the judge and then at my cake in shock. I take a bite and start choking. There is red pepper in this cake. 

I hear a low giggling and I turn towards a grinning Ursula. My eyes narrow and I grab my cake and throw it at her face. 

Several other contestants gasp before joining in. 

Pretty soon, there is a full on food fight. 

I grab all food items in sight. My frosting, a random banana, and even a cup of water. 

I throw it all at random people. I somehow manage to hit Nico in the back with a banana, and as soon as I do, I duck underneath the judging table and hug myself into a ball. 

This may be a war, but I am not about to ruin my designer heels. 

#cake if you read it all :)
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